Although vaporizing and smoking are popular ways to consume your favorite CBD flower, there are major differences between the two of them. Let’s talk about the benefits of vaporizing your CBD and why vaporizing CBD hemp flower should be an option to consider!

10 Reasons to Switch to Dry-Herb Vaporization

Efficiency and Money Saving

The first reason that Sneaky Pete gives for switching over to vaporizing CBD is that vaporizing in the most efficient way to consume your herb. The lower temperatures that are used while vaporizing mean that almost all of the active ingredients get extracted from your herb while you are smoking and the high temperatures actually destroy a large part of that active ingredient which is just a huge waste.

The quality vaporizer like the Firefly 2 can cost you a lot of money initially but you’ll be amazed at the dramatic reduction in flower that you’ll experience and the money that you spend on a vaporizer will be recuperated very quickly. 

Full Spectrum Extraction 

The active ingredients in your favorite flowers are very complex and there’s a lot of subtlety in each strain that gives you the effects the high temperatures of smoking destroys many of these ingredients meaning you get a more generic or less nuanced effect from your material. Vaporizing allows you to truly experience each strain as it was intended from slightly sativas to overwhelmingly powerful indicas, you’ll feel the effects of each individual strain.

Health Benefits

Out of all the benefits that vaporizing CBD offers, this should be the main reason to switch! It is way healthier to consume CBD through vaporizing rather than smoking. The process of vaporizing is really simple! It’s turning the active ingredients of your CBD flower into a warm vapor that you can inhale and feel the effects! You’re just breathing in warm air that mainly consists of all those active ingredients. There’s no combustion taking place, which means you don’t have to breathe in hot smoke, which is a big irritant to your lungs. Long-term or even heavy duty vaporizer users can still run marathons, be fit and stay healthy if they take care of themselves! 


The heat of smoking destroys so many of the terpenes and it significantly reduces any flavor that you can get out of the flower. Sneaky Pete explains that when he SMOKES flowers, most straints taste more or less the same. With vaping, the flavor and strains are so unique and you can far more appreciate properly grown and cured products.

Smell While Using

Smoking flowers does not smell good! There’s really no great way to hide or eliminate the identifiable smell. But, with vaporizing CBD hemp flowers,  the smell of the vapor is a fraction of what smoking produces. 

Smell After Using

Typically, you can tell when someone has recently smoked an herb. Like we said, it’s pretty distinctive and very recognizable. Smoking herb sticks to your hands, clothes, even your hair! If you’re at home and the smell doesn’t really bother you, then it’s no big deal. But, if you’re in a work environment or out and about, that smell can be an issue.

Vaporizing CBD will not stick to your clothes or body whatsoever! With a piece of gum or a mint after vaporizing CBD, you should be good to go! Or, you can even just air out a room by opening a window and turning on the fan for a few minutes. Sneaky Pete doesn’t lie! He explains that of course there is going to be a smell when you’re vaporizing CBD, but it will be GREATLY reduced compared to smoking CBD. 

Strength And Effects

Once people try vaporizing CBD hemp with an open mind and really give it a try, the effects of vaporizing CBD will give you the flower’s fullest potential. With a NAVA pouch, with pre-measured natural CBD and CBG flower, it makes it way easier for you to control the effect. 

Type of Effects

There’s an analogy Sneaky Pete uses that is PERFECT for showing the difference between smoking and vaporizing CBD. Smoking affects you in the body and vaporizing CBD affects you in the head. Vaporizing CBD hemp causes much more cerebral effects and you won’t notice the same laziness, stoniness or couch lock you get from smoking CBD flowers. 

Although you feel the relaxing characteristics of vaporizing CBD, you can still go about your daily lifestyle with no drag at all. If you were smoking CBD all day long, you probably would have to take naps or feel groggy throughout the day. Vaporizing CBD allows you to go about your daily activities with energy!

Enjoyment And Hobby Aspect 

Vaporizing CBD allows you to save so much more money than smoking CBD. But, with the money you save, you can spend money on vaporizer devices you love! You might buy one device but one something more portable or a different color later on. Luckily, in 2021, now is the best time to be a vaporizer enthusiast. There’s plenty of amazing devices on the market! In fact, you can buy our FyHit Dry-herb vaporizer on its own or buy the vaporizer in a bundle with our CBD and CBG flower pouches!  

Vaporizing CBD might become one of your new hobbies! From researching devices to modifying your vape with third-party accessories, you might pick up a new hobby through vaporizing CBD! 


In his video, Sneaky Pete explains that AVB essentially means “already vaporized bud.” If you smoke CBD, you’re left with a roach. These roaches are smelly and not something you want to carry around with you. After vaporizing CBD, you’re left with AVB (“already vaporized bud”), which can have powerful effects when eaten or otherwise ingested. Vaporized bud has gone through a process called decarboxylation. This means that the flower has essentially gone through a heat treating process, which makes it ready for consumption.

You get to vaporize your CBD flower to get the full effects, and then you can consume the ABV to get another round of effects. AVB experiences can be a lot at first, so start with small amounts when you first try this out. It’s easy to consume and you can do it in a number of different ways. From yogurt to pudding or even putting AVB into a sandwich! Just know that AVB will definitely have a strong flavor! 

Sneaky Pete Vaporizers

All the information written in this blog post is taken from the YouTube channel, Sneaky Pete Vaporizers. Sneaky Pete, as he likes to call himself to his customers and viewers, is the founder of Sneaky Pete Vaporizers, “the trusted source for flower vaporizers, glass, and accessories.”

On his YouTube channel (linked above), Sneaky Pete reviews loads of different vaporizer gear. While it may seem like he reviews tons of vaporizer products on the market, he only stocks his shelves with high quality devices that he would use himself. 

One of their company’s missions is to have their customers covered. Since the vape market is rapidly growing, they want to make sure their store is stocked with the best gear available! “We offer a broad range of products in our store, from high-end desktop devices, to portable starter kits, to user-friendly medicinal vaporizers.” 

If you’d like to contact Sneaky Pete vaporizers, you can email the store at, check out their website, or their YouTube channel for more information.

How NAVA Pouch Works With Devices

Michael Mercer, the founder of NAVA Pouch, is a user of CBD hemp flower himself! When started exploring how CBD and CBG could positively impact his day-to-day lifestyle, he was looking for a natural herbal solution to assist with sleep, pain, anxiety, stress, you name it! When he started looking for CBD products on the market, he realized some important things.

First, while he loved the natural herb, he hated smoking it. Plus, even though oil pens were more discreet and convenient for daily use, he hated putting anything unnatural or full of chemicals in his body. He realized that there were not many products out there for him that met this criteria, and he knew that there were other CBD fans just like him that wanted an alternative!

That’s how NAVA started! “NAVA was created so that people could enjoy the benefits of the natural plant, but consume it in a way that is free of smoke and chemicals. The NAVA Pouch is the best solution for anyone searching for a smarter and healthier delivery method. It’s a clean way to enjoy the many benefits of natural CBD & CBG hemp flowers and other medicinal herbs for overall well-being.”

A Reliable Source for Vaporizing CBD Hemp Flower

You may be wondering how Sneaky Pete is a reliable source for information on vaporizing CBD. Well, Sneaky Pete has been vaporizing for over twenty years! He has openly talked about how vaporizer technology has come a long way since when he started. Today, there are so many vaporizers on the market that picking out the most quality device can be stressful. 

This is why Sneaky Pete reviews all the vaporizer devices on the market! In 2014, he started his reviews on YouTube and has over 45,000 subscribers. One of Sneaky Pete’s other main focuses in his videos is to show how vaping has many health benefits over smoking. His videos are meant to demonstrate that anyone can enjoy their herb in a much healthier (and more economical) way by vaporizing CBD Hemp Flower!

Let’s talk about money for a second. Vaporizing CBD is a much more economical way to enjoy the herb rather than smoking! Sneaky Pete explains that, “When you combust your herb, you start a continuous chain reaction of burning at high temperatures, where it literally goes up in smoke whether you’re taking a draw or not. In contrast, vaporizing your herb only releases the active compounds on-demand, evenly and at much lower temperatures, while leaving you with residual AVB which you can consume later for bonus effects.”

Where Do You Start?

One last concern people have about vaporizing CBD Hemp Flower is that they honestly don’t know where to start. This is where Sneaky Pete saves the day! His YouTube channel informs interested consumers about the most high quality vape gear and what products on the market to avoid. He also educates and informs his audience on vaporizing CBD Hemp Flower in general. 

So, why can you trust Sneaky Pete? He stresses the importance of integrity and talks about how he NEVER accepts payments for his reviews. Moreover, he only publishes videos and reviews on products that he personally would use or finds very interesting! He only endorses products that he would recommend to a friend!

The Sneaky Pete Store

 Finally, let’s talk about the Sneaky Pete Store! In 2015, Sneaky Pete was known for his trustworthy reputation and awesome reviews. Viewers of his videos wanted to know where they could buy the featured CBD Hemp Flower vaporizing devices. So, he decided he wanted to set up his own store that could help people in choosing vaping products that have the “Sneaky Pete seal of approval.”

Not only was he able to grow his business, but he was given the ability to create a new direction for sharing his vaporizing knowledge to vape users! He now has a team to handle online operations to serve the US and Canada, along with the rest of the world! 

From meticulous stock selection to fast and discreet international shipping, anyone ANYWHERE can enjoy the benefits of vaporizing CBD. They have a strong history of customer satisfaction and great personal advice on new vape devices as they are introduced to the market.”By strictly controlling what products we stock, we’ve gained a high level of trust from the vaping community and I’m very proud of that.”

With his incredible reputation, vape companies ALWAYS send products his way, hoping that they will be featured in his review videos and stocked up in his store. But, Sneaky Pete makes NO promises. “Only those that meet my high standards secure a place in our store.”

Check Out Sneaky Pete

With his rapid success on YouTube and on his online store, he has been able to create his own products for use, including custom glass items designed for use with the best vapes on the market. They are designed for the daily vape consumer at an affordable price with the highest quality. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Sneaky Pete’s website, store, YouTube channel and more for all the latest information and the best vaporizer products available.

Now that we’ve talked about Sneaky Pete, let’s get into his TOP TEN reasons to switch to vaporizers. Vaping and smoking are some of the most popular and well known ways to consume your favorite CBD flowers, but there’s so many differences between the two. Let’s talk about the benefits of vaporizing CBD. From better efficiency, better flavor, better effects, and no lingering smell, vaporizing CBD should be a method of primary CBD consumption that every CBD fan should consider.

Get Started With NAVA Pouch

After hearing from Sneaky Pete, you might be ready to try vaporizing CBD! If that’s the case, you came to the right place. Enjoy the world’s first premium “ready-to-use” whole flower natural vapor pouch, the NAVA Pouch. With NAVA, you can experience the precise blend of CBD & CBG hemp flower to achieve the luxury of mind & body.

NAVA Pouch is designed for dry-herb vaporizers. It’s simple, easy and clean! Natural herbal inhalation with the NAVA Pouch is the healthier way to consume flower. We want you to experience all of the benefits of natural CBD & CBG hemp flower for health and well-being. That’s why — from farm to pouch — NAVA is simply sustainable and additive-free, bringing you as close to the plant as possible. The NAVA pouch eliminates the hassle of grinding, cleaning, and loose herb mess.

The Benefits of NAVA

So, let’s talk about the benefits of the NAVA Pouch and why it might be the perfect vaporizing CBD product out there for you. Firstly, each NAVA pouch contains a measured dose of natural CBD & CBG hemp flower, making it easier for you to control the effect. Moreover, natural vapor reduces toxicants, odor and smoke. The NAVA Pouch’s no-burn delivery method means you’re fully enjoying the flower, not burning it away. There’s also no mess or fuss, meaning the NAVA Pouch is 100% naturally compostable.

The NAVA Pouch is also sourced from the best sustainable organic farms in the country. We start with natural CBD & CBG hemp flower that are lab-tested to ensure purity and safety. With safe travel, the flower travels directly from our farms to our facilities.

At our facility, it’s inspected for quality. Once we’re satisfied, the flower is ground and prepped for packaging. Lastly, we add the ground flower to our pouches, seal and enclose them in a protective bag where they’ll be safe.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out for more information on CBD and to purchase our NAVA Pouch products and devices.