The state of Washington has been an early adopter of Cannabis and Hemp production. The combination of the farming culture in Washington with the cannabis culture of the Northwest made for a Marijuana boom in Seattle. While Washington is known for its quality cannabis and concentrates, it is also home to a blossoming hemp market with hemp wholesalers.

After the passage of the 2018 farm bill, Hemp became recognized as an agricultural product around the country. This boom in production has been overshadowed by the legalization of marijuana in specific states across the country. Washington is one of those states where the legalization of THC has blocked the light from shining on their growing CBD market. 

Today we are going to take a look at 5 Washington-based hemp & CBD product/ hemp wholesalers. This isn’t a ranked list or competition, this is merely a spotlight for some CBD wholesalers. 

Meet The Wholesaler Talent 

To start, let’s go over “what is are wholesalers”, and specifically, “what are hemp wholesalers”? A wholesaler is a company that creates its products and distributes them to retailers. For example, if you go to a retailer you will have shelves filled with all different brands and products, whereas a wholesaler would stock just their products. Additionally, wholesalers prioritize business-to-business sales instead of direct consumer sales. 


This is a CBD wholesaler based in Seattle that has laboratories throughout the Northwest. LaurelCrest started in 2016 when its founder invested in a European CBD company called Pharma Hemp. This company took off in Europe and with the success of the initial investment, LaurelCrest was born. 

Today the brand is focused on delivering the best quality CBD products that they can create. Furthermore, they claim to gauge their success not off sales numbers but from customer satisfaction- all while delivering competitive pricing. 

Some of their products include; Full spectrum compliant oils, Broad spectrum non-detectable oils, CBD isolate, and more. 

Old West Hemp Company 

A family-owned and operated hemp farm based in Okanogan County, Washington. This is a small farm dedicated to creating quality CBD products for its customers. Back in 2018 when the Farm Bill was passed, Old West Hemp Company was one of the first farms to get a license to grow and process hemp plants in the state. 

On their website, they proudly display their OWHC certificates that show the quality of their CBD products. They ensure that they have all the data to prove they only supply the best CBD products held to the highest standards of quality. Listed on the site are the results for each product, and only one of their products even registers a trace of THC, the rest being non-detectable. 

Old West has a large diversity of products for both humans and pets. Some of those products include; CBD Tincture, Lotions & Creams, Vape juices, Tea blends, Hemp smokes, and THC-free flower. They even carry a tincture line just for your pets.

Hemp Northwest 

This company specializes in edible hemp and has growers from across the Northwest including Oregon, Montana, Washington, and Idaho. Their product line changes from quarter to quarter based on the demand and supply of certain products. Hemp Northwest dedicates itself to health and how Hemp can play a role in yours. 

From their Hemp Hearts to their cold-pressed hemp seed oil. This company is focused on using hemp to allow people to be their best and most healthy. Hemp Northwest also gears its products towards animal health. The hemp seedcake that they produce is a great product to mix in with animal food. It contains many important vitamins and amino acids that can be very beneficial for animals and humans alike.

Cascadia Hemp Co.

This is a company that is supremely confident in its products. So confident in fact, that they are one of the few companies to offer a price match guarantee as well as a satisfaction guarantee. This shows that they are not only sure about the quality of their products but also their ability to deliver value to their customers. 

On their website, they state their mission, “To promote a naturally healthier and more sustainable lifestyle by offering a consciously curated selection of craft hemp and CBD products”. This is exemplified by the attention to detail the company puts into pleasing its customers. 

Founded in 2017 by Kris Plunkett, this company has the goal of impacting people’s lives using the health benefits of CBD. Cascadia is fueled by the love of growing hemp. They are in love with its environmental and medicinal benefits. 

Hollingsworth Hemp

Family-owned and operated since 2013, this company is a major supplier of all things cannabis and hemp for the Northwest region. Sustainability is a major focus for the Hollingsworth Hemp company. Because of this, they use sustainable energies such as solar power to run most of their operations. Additionally, they ensure that all of their hemp is climate-controlled environments and only fed with natural fertilizers.

Created in 2013 by Raft Hollingsworth III, the Hollingsworth Cannabis company came to be. The company started as a cannabis business but formed a separate division for the creation and distribution of their hemp products. The hemp side of production mostly makes topical remedies such as lotions and bath bombs. 

Wrap Up

Washington State is a state where the roots of hemp culture have grown deep. The Pacific Northwest is a catalyst for the nation when it comes to hemp production and high-quality CBD products. The companies on the list all have one big similarity, that’s the dedication to quality. They all partake in rigorous lab and field testing to bring the highest quality products to Washington and the country. 

Passionate people fill the hemp industry. Most involved have loved ones or know of people that have had their lives greatly improved if not saved. This is a great thing for consumers of CBD everywhere. When farmers dedicate themselves to serving their highest quality product, they are able to give consumers the best CBD experience possible. When looking at these companies and their reviews, you can definitely see that is the case.

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