“I was 43 when I was starting to re-explore how CBD & CBG could play a positive role in my life. I was looking for a natural herbal solution to assist me with stress, pain, anxiety, and sleep relief. As I experimented with various products on the market, I came to some important realizations. First, I absolutely loved the pure natural herb but I was not a fan of smoking. Second, although oil pens were more discreet and convenient, I disliked the idea of putting anything chemically processed or unnatural, into my body. There wasn’t much available for someone like me, and I knew I couldn’t be the only one who was looking for an alternative. So I got to work coming up with new ideas, and NAVA was born.


NAVA was created so that people could enjoy the benefits of the natural plant, but consume it in a way that is free of smoke and chemicals. The NAVA Pouch is the best solution for anyone searching for a smarter and healthier delivery method. It’s a clean way to enjoy the many benefits of natural CBD & CBG hemp flower and other medicinal herbs for overall well-being.”

Michael Mercer

The Founder

Flower Consumption by State

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WE SOURCE from farms you can trust

We’ve partnered with the best farms in the country because of their commitment to organic practices that deliver the highest quality hemp-derived CBD & CBG flower. Each product has been third-party lab tested for purity; we love that we’re able to provide our customers with an extra level of reassurance. Click here to see our lab reports.

Why we use CBG

Short for Cannabigerol, CBG may not be as well-known as CBD, but it has just as much to offer. CBG has shown great promise for boosting overall mood and reducing anxiety, both of which are reasons we’re proud to feature it in all NAVA Pouches. Our Uplift blend is primarily spotlighting CBD, with CBG playing a supporting role. For our Unwind pouches, this is reversed, and CBG is the star of the show.