About Us

The NAVA Pouch is a 100% natural whole-plant pouch that delivers natural vapor when heated.  It’s the healthier alternative to smoking and oil vaping.

So, what's the story behind nava?

I was 43 when I was starting to re-explore how Cannabis and CBD could play a positive role in my life. It had been 20 years since I’d been a regular consumer. I was looking for a natural herbal solution to assist me with stress, pain, anxiety, and sleep relief. As I experimented with the various products in the market, I came to realize some important facts.

First, I absolutely loved the pure natural herb/whole plant (flower), over any other products, but I was NOT a fan of “smoking” (combustion).

Secondly, although oil pens (vaping) was more discreet and convenient, I disliked the idea of inhaling oils and anything chemically processed & unnatural into my body.

So, the question remained… how could I enjoy the all the benefits of the natural plant, but consume it in a way that was smoke-free & chemical-free? Hello NAVA Pouch… The natural, clean, and healthier delivery method for whole plant (flower) consumption.

I believe that the NAVA Pouch is the best solution for any “flower” or “oil vape” consumer who is searching for a smarter and healthier delivery method.
Our motto is to get “closer to the plant”. Our passion is providing a heathier alternative to smoking and oil vaping.

How popular is consumption compared to other productS?

10 %
25 %
26 %

Who is Secret Nature and what is unique about their CBD HGemp FLower?

“We possess a passion for growing, extraction, branding, and providing the highest quality, most unique products available. Whether you’re looking to relax on the couch, stroll through nature and mediate, or seeking alternative remedies for other conditions, we have products to suit you.

SECRET NATURE is committed to bringing people the purest and highest quality CBD products, we are proud to offer ORGANIC, all-natural, lab-tested CBD flowers and extracts. Our vision is to produce organically sustainable plant spirits that will improve and enhance your chosen lifestyle.”

Tyler Williams – CEO- Secret Nature