Think about the last time you wanted to learn something new. Where did you start? Did you read an article? Ask a friend? Consult an expert? Read a book? While all of these are great options, which one do you think results in memory improvement, a broader mind, better focus, and reduces stress levels? If you guessed reading a book, you’re right on target!

Benefits of Reading

A research study done by two professors at Oregon State University found that some of the benefits of reading included: 

  • Increasing self-awareness and personal insights
  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Offering new knowledge and skills 

When we read, different areas of the brain are stimulated. Concentrating on words, sentences, and comprehension help improve cognitive functions. This increase in brain activity helps improve focus, and the health benefits are endless! 

So now that you know all of the benefits of reading, the next decision you need to make is what book to read! Start by deciding on a subject you are interested in learning more about. 

Let’s say you have recently been dealing with a lot of stress, anxiety, and insomnia.A friend recommends a new CBD product at NAVA Pouch, but you have never heard of CBD before! Some of the questions you might have could include: 

  • What is CBD? 
  • What are the benefits of CBD? 
  • What is CBD made out of? 
  • How do I use CBD? 

These are all great questions to help guide your initial purchases of CBD books! 

What is CBD? 

Before we get into our recommended CBD books, let’s go over the “need to knows” of CBD so you can know what to look for in your book search! 

The cannabis sativa plant is made up of over 100 different cannabinoids. Two of the main chemical compounds are CBD and THC. CBD is short for cannabidiol and is a naturally occurring substance used to feel calm and relaxed. Unlike THC, CBD is non- psychoactive, and will not produce a high. CBD is also found in the hemp plant and is commonly sold as an oil, extract, a vaporized liquid, and an oil-based capsule. It is also infused in food, drinks, and beauty products! The health benefits that stem from CBD use are endless. It has been proven to lower anxiety, stress, depression, aid weight loss, and help with migraines and ADHD. 

It is also important to note that Hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are federally legal, but still illegal under some state laws. Cannabis-derived CBD products are federally illegal, but are legal under some state laws. Be sure to check your local legislation before moving ahead with using CBD products. 

Your Journey To Becoming a CBD Expert Starts Here!

Now that you know both the benefits of both reading and CBD, you can now begin your search for CBD books. If you want to be a CBD expert, you might want to consider reading the top 10 best CBD books listed below! The authors of these books have done extensive research, making their books extremely insightful and trustworthy resources. Each book listed below has a breakdown of the content, the price, the author, and where you can locate it!

With that being said, let’s get into the top 10 best CBD books out there!

CBD Books 


  1. The CBD Bible: Cannabis and the Wellness Revolution that Will Change Your Life by Dr. Dani Gordon M.D. 

Published in September 2020, The CBD Bible addresses all the CBD questions you might have. At 336 pages, this book explains: 

  •  The difference between CBD and THC  
  • The difference between over the counter CBD oils and medical cannabis oils 
  • The history and science behind CBD use 
  • CBD and anxiety, stress, depression, pain, and sleep 

Author, Dr. Dani Gordon is an American certified board doctor and expert in all things CBD, cannabis, and natural medicine. The CBD Bible is a great investment for individuals considering CBD use and are looking for an informative introduction. 

Click here to view The CBD Bible on Amazon 

Paperback Price: $17.85

  1. CBD: What You Need to Know by Gregory L. Smith M.D.

Published in September 2017, Gregory Smith shares his expertise in all things CBD. At 214 pages, this book provides information and education needed to select a high-quality CBD product. The book is divided into three sections covering information such as: 

  • The history and legal issues surrounding CBD and cannabis
  • How it works in the body and brain 
  • How CBD helps chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia 

Dr. Smith gives a thorough overview of CBD and how to use it. If this product is foreign to you, CBD: What You Need to Know will give you everything you need to know about incorporating CBD into your lifestyle. 

Click here to view CBD: What You Need to Know on Amazon 

Paperback Price: $10.96

  1. The Cannabis Dictionary: Everything you need to know about cannabis, from health and science to THC and CBD by Alex Halperin 

Published in March 2020, The Cannabis Dictionary by cannabis journalist Alex Halperin is another great introductory book to the world of all-things CBD. The book gives a “behind-the-scenes” look at CBD, as it looks at the whole cannabis plant. This book covers: 

  • The manufacturing process
  • Psychological impacts
  • Health effects
  • Business of cannabis 

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to the world of cannabis, this book is a great option. At 224 pages, Halperin explains the ins and outs from how the plant is grown to the money-making side of the industry. 

Click here to view The Cannabis Dictionary on Amazon

Hardcover Price: $15.79  


  1. CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis — Healing without the High by Leonard Leinow, Juliana Birnbaum, and Michael H. Moskowitz M.D.

Published in October 2017, CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis is a practical and accessible guide to understanding and using CBD whether you are a first-time user or an experienced patient. Although it is on the lengthy side at 352 pages, the authors include case studies, interviews with doctors, and extensive research — making every page worth the read!  

Important topics covered in this book include: 

  • The difference between CBD and THC and their effects on the body
  • CBD use for pets (you can read more about this here
  • Guidance on various sorts of CBD medicines 
  • Guidelines on dosage and consumption 
  • The future of cannabis and CBD

After reading this book, you will be an expert on all things CBD, and better understand how to use it medically. 

Click here to view CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medical Cannabis on Amazon 

Paperback Price: $21.95

  1. Healing with CBD: How Cannabidiol Can Transform Your Health without the High by Eileen Konieczny and Lauren Wilson 

Published in September 2018, Healing with CBD breaks down everything you need to know about CBD in an easy-to-understand way! At 224 pages, this book covers important topics such as:

  • The history of cannabis 
  • The endocannabinoid system
  • Different sources of CBD
  • CBD and major health conditions 
  • CBD dosage
  • CBD products 

If you are suffering from any health condition (major or minor), and are looking to take the next step towards healing (if recommended by your doctor of course), this book is a great option! Both authors use their medical experience to make the CBD facts clear and helpful for potential users.

Click here to view Healing with CBD on Amazon 

Paperback Price: $14.95


  1. The Essential CBD Cookbook: More Than 65 Easy Recipes for Everyday Health by Caroline Hwang 

Published in June 2020, The Essential CBD Cookbook is an easy-to-use and practical beginner’s guide to making your own CBD-infused drinks, food, and snacks. This way, you can get all of the health benefits of CBD while also eating well! 

Some of the recipes included in this book are: 

  • CBD Coconut Cake
  • CBD Strawberry Chia Pudding
  • CBD Golden Beet Hummus 

The Essential CBD Cookbook is perfect for anyone looking to treat stress, anxiety, or to simply enjoy a healthy treat. 

Click here to view The Essential CBD Cookbook on Amazon

Price: $9.30 

  1. The Ultimate Guide to CBD: Explore The World of Cannabidiol by Jamie Evans

Published in April 2020, The Ultimate Guide to CBD takes the reader through a complete CBD journey. At 224 pages, the reader starts with learning the basics and the science in the CBD research field. Evans also explains the difference between each application of CBD — from flowers and oils to balms, vaping, and more! 

Other important topics in this book include: 

  • The explanation between homemade and professionally made products
  • Self-care with CBD — skincare, facemasks, and massage oils
  • Beverages and Food — Evans includes recipes for CBD coffee, matcha, and mocktails. As well as CBD infusions into honey, olive oils, and butter 
  • Different ways CBD helps the body during physical activity 

The Ultimate Guide to CBD does not leave anything out! While including delicious recipes, it also includes skincare and wellness tips so CBD can aid both your mental and physical well-being. 

Click here to view The Ultimate Guide to CBD on Amazon

Paperback Price: $16.39 

For Seniors

  1. Secret CBD Cures For Seniors: The Natural Healing Breakthrough for Pain Free Longevity by Brooke Tilson MSG 

Published in January 2020, Secret CBD Cures For Seniors is an all-inclusive guide on how to mindfully explore the vast benefits of CBD in old age. Seniors can benefit from CBD the most out of any age group — yet many do not know the extensive health research and scientific advancements that have been made on this natural medicine. 

Author Brooke Tilson focuses this book on the idea that with CBD, the best years of your life are scientifically proven to still be ahead of you!

Some of the important topics she covers in this book include: 

  • How CBD can help you live a life free of pain, stress, and anxiety
  • How to choose the right CBD products 
  • 11 facts about CBD Big Pharma doesn’t want you to know
  • How CBD helps diminish the symptoms of Neurological Diseases and Autoimmune Disorders

If you are in the senior adult cohort or have a loved one who is, this book will be revolutionary. 

Click here to view Secret CBD Cures For Seniors on Amazon 

Paperback Price: $9.95

Beauty and Wellness 

  1. CBD Every Day: How to Make Cannabis-Infused Massage Oils, Bath Bombs, Salves, Herbal Remedies, and Edibles by Sandra Hinchliffe

Published in March 2019, CBD Every day introduces the reader to all of the wonderful capabilities of CBD. From crafting lip balms to gooey brownie pie, this book includes 60 allergy-friendly, preservative-free, artificial fragrance, and dye-free recipes. 

Hinchcliffe teaches the reader how to: 

  • Select and work with strains of CBD-rich cannabis
  • Prepare and enjoy a variety of CBD forms
  • Incorporate CBD into dozens of recipes 

Some of the chapters include: 

  • CBD Spa Time
  • CBD Herbal Apothecary 
  • CBD Sweet and Savory For You and Your Guests 

CBD Every Day will introduce you to a multitude of healing and pleasurable ways to enjoy CBD. 

Click here to view CBD Every Day on Amazon 

Price: $16.99

  1. The CBD Skincare Solution: The Power of Cannabidiol of Healthy Skin by Dr. Manisha Singal 

Published in August 2020, The CBD Skincare Solution provides an innovative way to approach and use CBD. Author, Dr. Manisha Singal presents a comprehensive explanation of how CBD oil can help you treat skin diseases and fight the effects of aging. She also includes detailed advice about which CBD skincare products to purchase. 

After diving through the contents of this book, you will be ready to transform your skin. 

Click here to view The CBD Skincare Solution on Amazon 

Price: $14.86

Lifestyle Change

Did you notice that CBD and book reading share many of the same benefits? They are both scientifically proven to lower stress levels, calm anxieties, and relax the mind. Just imagine if you made a lifestyle adjustment of reading CBD books and using CBD products, how beneficial that may be fore you!

After reading about CBD, the next (and most important step) is deciding which CBD products to use! A common message between each of the CBD book listed above was the importance of using high-quality CBD products. If you’re looking for an all natural product designed for the safest, cleanest, and fastest way to absorb the benefits of the plant, check out NAVA Pouch!