If you’re following MMA fighters on Instagram, Facebook, or other platforms – you may have spotted that a vast number of them have turned to CBD for treating aches and pains. If you’re a fighter yourself, you’re surely very well acquainted with chronic pain and injuries, as these are completely normal in all sports, not just martial arts.

There are many practical solutions to pain and injury from sport, however, these solutions often carry unwanted side effects. A lot of MMA fighters have decided to make the switch to CBD since it’s a more natural and calming solution than many other practical methods. It also isn’t as extreme as jumping into a tub of ice water, which athletes of all sports are most likely all to familiar with.

Nonetheless, it’s important to understand just what sets CBD apart and why so many fighters decided to switch to CBD when looking for solutions to their pain.

CBD is a Good Alternative To Opioids

CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol, which is a naturally-occurring phytocannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. However, the difference between CBD and THC (also found in the cannabis plant) is that CBD isn’t a psychoactive drug. CBD does not cause a high after consumption, which is why many people consider it a better alternative to marijuana and other pharmaceutical drugs.

Since MMA is a high-contact sport, most fighters expect injuries all the time – even the best fighters. Even once the injury’s been taken care of, fighters can experience terrible pain during the process of recovery. Many athletes turn to painkillers to help numb the pain. Despite being incredible at their job, painkillers are highly addictive. Opioids are at fault for over 40,000 deaths in the US per annum.

Most former addicts witness that they didn’t even notice when they were getting hooked, and most addicts don’t notice until it’s too late. Despite painkillers occasionally being necessary after various surgeries and injuries, it’s still generally dangerous to use them, especially for people of weaker character.

CBD, on the other hand, isn’t as nearly as addictive as opioids. That being said, CBD is not nearly as strong as other opioids. For long-term pain management, CBD is definitely the superior choice. It’s best to combine CBD with other medication in order to reach full effect, but make sure to talk to your physician before taking any action.

CBD Reduces Inflammation

More and more fighters are turning to CBD as their go-to anti-inflammatory drug.

Traditionally, NSAIDs were used as anti-inflammatory drugs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) – and the most common example of this is Advil. They’re cheap, easy to get a hold of, but they aren’t always the safest option.

It’s advised by most practitioners of medicine to avoid NSAIDs because of potential renal damage, which is especially concerning to athletes. The most dangerous thing about NSAIDs is the fact that they’re capable of causing heart attack and stroke, while there’s also research showing that they can affect the building of muscle, in a sense that they hinder it.

Most fighters have found that using CBD helped them to cut down on the use of NSAIDs, while there are even athletes who have stopped taking them completely. CBD has a much less invasive effect on the human body, so it’s far less likely for it to cause anything even similar to a heart attack or a stroke.

CBD Helps You Sleep

Since recovery is just as important as training, in any sport, athletes know just how crucial it is to get a good night’s rest. However, we’ve all been in situations where we can’t fall asleep. What’s even worse is that it’s happening more and more in the 21st century, as our screens (be it computer, smartphone, or TV) aren’t exactly the best thing to look at right before you hit the hay. That’s why it’s not uncommon to get in bed tired, but still be unable to sleep.

CBD, however, can help with this – it can get you to fall asleep quicker and will allow you to sleep with less interruptions throughout the night, which guarantees that you’ll feel rested and that you’ll recover well.


Topical use is actually the primary way MMA fighters use CBD. Topical products are applied directly to the skin and are then absorbed by the body. This creates localized effects that kick in quickly and work well. Most CBD topical products also contain additional pain-relieving ingredients, and that makes them even better for treating injuries and bruises.

If you’re considering trying out CBD yourself, it’s important to note that there’s still a lot about this substance that’s unknown. Speak with your physician to determine whether it could be right for you. For a 100% natural CBD product with a delivery method that”s both healthier and discreet, check out NAVA Pouch.