Many celebrities and famous people are paid to promote different products, restaurants, brands, and participate in ads. Businesses spend extra money to have celebrities do this because many times, as soon as people see their favorite celebrity promoting something, they will want to check it out. This guarantees more business for that specific brand, which is why so many choose to do it! You’ve probably come across a few celebrities promoting CBD on social media, but is it because they are paid for it, or that they’re seeing amazing results and believe in the product?

Specific To Everyone

With so many advances being made in the CBD industry, there are also a plethora of new products that come along with it. This wide variety of products may provide a variety of therapeutic benefits that can be used in different ways, from topical to ingestible CBD products. The celebrities promoting CBD range from actors and singers, to athletes and influencers, so what is it about CBD that appeals to such a wide variety of people, including celebrities?

The Secret Ingredient 

With many therapeutic properties, CBD is an attractive product to many people. But, what exactly are the therapeutic properties and how do they work? You might even be asking, what is CBD? Let us tell you!

CBD comes from the hemp plant and is a cannabidiol that has been extracted and purified to be marketed and sold as pure CBD. Once extracted, it has been separated from all other cannabidiols, including THC. This means that CBD is used solely for its healing and restorative properties, and won’t cause any hallucinations or a high. CBD may reduce anxiety and stress as well as ease symptoms of depression. CBD may also help with minimizing swelling and redness, or soothing aches and pains from muscles and joints, as well as improving sleep. So, with countless benefits, how is it that we see CBD being used by countless people but more specifically, every category of celebrity you can think of?

Not Your Typical Athlete 

The demanding life of a professional athlete can be difficult and taxing. From the pressure of needing to perform to constant travel, these stressors can begin to take a major toll on not only their athletic play, but also other factors. CBD helps professional athletes in countless ways, including helping them maintain a better sleep schedule, ease sore muscles from tiring workouts, and help reduce excessive stress. So, who are some of the top athletes that use CBD? 

Rob Gronkowski- NFL player

Gabby Douglas- Gymnast

Kerri Walsh Jennings- Beach Volleyball Player 

Mike Tyson- Boxer 

All of these athletes are most likely well known, and they all have seen benefits from CBD in different ways. Gabby Douglas and Kerri Walsh Jennings are both Olympians that have each won gold medals. Mike Tyson is a boxing champion who has won multiple titles, and Rob Gronkowski has won multiple super bowls.

Each of these athletes has dominated their field and are promoting CBD for its properties of improving their sleep and reducing pain. In fact, some of them are even investing in different CBD companies because they are seeing the growth in the industry. 

Acting In A New Light 

Although many of us might not understand what it’s like to be an actor, it is an extremely difficult and stressful job. Acting can require lots of traveling for films, along with the stress of learning lines or even getting picked for a role. Additionally, these individuals are undergoing stress from being in the public eye. So, who are some actors and actresses who have used CBD to help them deal with the stresses of acting? 

Whoopi Goldberg- Actress 

Kristen Bell- Actress

Tom Hanks- Actor

Jennifer Aniston- Actress 

Mandy Moore- Actress 

Emma Roberts- Actress

These actors and actresses vary in age, showing you that not just a certain age group uses CBD. Whoopi Goldberg and Tom Hanks are both 64, while Emma Roberts is 29. Each of these actors and actresses uses CBD for different reasons, varying from reducing stress and anxiety to helping ease the pain from high heels for Mandy Moore. Kristen Bell has also recently launched a CBD line because she claims it has helped her so much she wants to do the same for others.

Artists Who Use CBD and Music To Soothe Them 

Within the music industry, CBD is very popular. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find artists advocating for CBD and what it has done for them! Concerts and touring for artists are something that is one of the most exciting times in their career, but they can also cause the most havoc on their life.

Being on stage every night for hours dancing and singing, traveling to new cities every day with different time zones, and even going to different countries, can lead to hardly any sleep, which can affect things like appetite, mood, and anxiety. Some of these artists that have seen CBD make a big impact include: 

Leighton Meester- singer/songwriter/actress

Jay-Z- rapper 

Lil Wayne- rapper

Willie Nelson- singer 

John Legend- singer

These artists range in genres from rap to country to pop. No matter what genre of music they sing, they are seeing huge benefits from CBD and are actively advocating for its therapeutic properties. Leighton Meester for example uses CBD particularly to help reduce stress, but the other artists have started their own lines and are selling CBD in different forms, or have even invested in different CBD industries, like John Legend. 

Influenced To Try New Things 

Influencers are a big part of today’s culture. With them having such a big following, countless companies are constantly reaching out to have them endorse their products. An influencer is able to promote these products in a variety of ways through different social media platforms, as well as any tv shows or other ideas they are a part of. Influencers can range from having millions of followers to having just a couple thousand, but regardless, companies are always looking for ways to get their products out there. Now the question is, do influencers really believe in CBD, or is it just a paid ad? Here are some examples of influencers who have promoted CBD:

Montel Williams- Influencer 

Aisling Bae- Influencer 

Michael J. Fox- Influencer 

All of these influencers have spoken out frequently about CBD, and it’s not just for a paid promotion. In face, CBD promotion is the majority of their page! They all believe in the impacts of CBD and have seen the healing benefits from it in different ways. For example, Montel Williams suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, which is a complicated disease and remains very hard to treat. However, CBD has been able to provide him with relief and an escape from chronic pain.

Aisling Bae on the other hand has suffered from insomnia as well as anxiety, and has found that CBD has been a major helper in reducing the stress and improving her sleep schedule. Additionally, Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, which can cause many symptoms such as anxiety, difficulty in sleeping, depression, tremors, and more. He has seen relief from these symptoms with the continued use of CBD and implementing it in his routine. So, why would these influencers advocate for CBD if it didn’t work? They wouldn’t simply just do it for a paid promotion. Each of these influencers suffers from a disease or something that CBD can help with, and it goes to show that CBD may be very effective in reducing these symptoms!

A-Listers Turned CBD Users

Although many of these celebrities are A-listers, some of them also fit into another category of A-listers that do a variety of things. Ranging from acting, entrepreneurs, and socialites, these celebrities are well known for a multitude of things. Whether they have endorsed CBD for a brand deal or have used it for the benefits they’ve experienced from it, you most likely have heard of these celebrities. 

Kim Kardashian- Businesswomen/ Reality TV Star/ Social Media Influencer

Gigi Hadid- Model

Bella Thorne- actress/ model/ singer 

This variety of A-list stars ranges from Kim Kardashian, an entrepreneur, reality tv star, social media influencer (with over a hundred million followers), to Bella Thorne, who is also very well known for tv shows, movies, and songs. Although they are both very different, these women have been endorsing CBD, similar to supermodel Gigi Hadid. In face, Kim Kardashian posted multiple stories and posts on her Instagram for her 190 million followers to see where she was raving about the versatility of CBD. She stated that she uses it so much to help with the stress of another child, law school, and her wildly public and busy lifestyle.

Gigi Hadid on the other hand was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. She claims to have turned to CBD, as it is all-natural, and has provided her with relief. Additionally, Bella states that CBD has not only reduced her anxiety, but has helped her so much in other areas that she is also launching a line of products.

A Continued Trend 

From the top athletes in the world (literally) to A-list celebrities, there is a long list of individuals that use CBD and have seen significant benefits from it. So, were any of them paid for their endorsements? The answer is of course. Some of them might have been paid to post about it or tag the company, but the results they experienced are real and very convincing. The amount of celebrities that use CBD is astonishing, so we narrowed the list tremendously and included many that suffer from different diseases but have seen relief with the use of CBD. CBD of course doesn’t always replace medicine, and it’s always important to consult with a doctor if you’re wanting to turn to CBD over medicine.

Just Like Everyone Else 

It can be easy to put celebrities on a pedestal, but we often forget that they are just like us and suffer from things such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and autoimmune diseases! Additionally, they are looking for solutions to these things, regardless if they tried CBD on their own or were asked to try it for a promotion.

Branching Out To Something New 

CBD may be something brand new for you, or something you never thought about trying (especially when you see your favorite celebrity promoting it!). From the daily stressors of life to constant anxiety and inability to fall asleep, CBD may be able to help you.

CBD is known for its therapeutic properties, but it also has a variety of other beneficial properties such as healing. For example, CBD may help with wounds and reducing scarring and the appearance of them. CBD may also help improve motivation and drive to do things by improving serotonin levels. Furthermore, it has made many advances within the medical field, and doctors are using it on patients to help treat different side effects from treatments.

Although you may be hesitant to try CBD, there are a variety of ways to try it. It’s just up to you to decide which form would be best for you, as well as what you’re looking to find relief from. 

Breaking Stereotypes and Finding A Product 

Although negative stereotypes can sometimes surround CBD, it is important to remember that it shouldn’t be associated with those stereotypes. CBD does not result in a high or any of the effects of THC, as CBD is a pure product. Once you get past the possible stigma that some people might have about CBD, you can then look for a product that will work best for you.

There are many different products ranging from topical to ingestible products, so it is all about what’s best for you. Some of the most popular products include CBD oils, CBD inhalers, CBD gummies, CBD creams and lotions, CBD coffee, CBD beauty products, and more. Such a wide variety of products to choose from that all work to provide therapeutic benefits can make the choice overwhelming.

Although each of these products works in their own way, some are much more effective than others, as well as healthier. CBD inhalers rank among the top of the list for CBD products for being not only the most effective but also the healthiest, depending on the kind of inhaler. With them being an ingestible product, the CBD gets into your system faster and stays in it for longer making it very effective.

This product can also be the healthiest way to consume it because you are inhaling the natural flower if you get a dry-herd inhaler. The other kind of inhaler contains CBD vape juice which isn’t as natural because it has been processed and contains many other ingredients as opposed to just the natural flower. CBD is versatile in the products and the ways it can be used as well as how it may benefit you.

A Perfect Match 

Deciding on a CBD product and which one would work best for you depends on what you’re looking to target as well as picking what is most effective and what is the healthiest option. CBD inhalers tend to check off all of those boxes but just because you’ve landed on a product, you still have to decide where to get it from.

With the growing popularity in the CBD industry, some products that are being produced aren’t as natural as they might claim or they might not even contain any CBD. Some products have been found with toxins and chemicals in them which can lead to unwanted side effects and some unknown reactions, so when purchasing CBD products it’s always important to ensure you are buying them from a trusted brand.

Ways to help tell if it is a trusted brand can include the prices. CBD isn’t cheap, so the products won’t be either. A company that ensures quality products every time and only produces an all-natural flower, is Nava Pouch. Nava Pouch is a company that sells dry herb inhalers that only use an all-natural flower.

They pre-package and measure the dosage of the dry-herb into pouches to make the process easier for customers as well as providing different options for pouches such as uplift or unwind pouch. This allows you to have the versatility and customize your experience for what you’re looking for whether it’s to help reduce anxiety and improve sleep and help motivate you for a busy day, Nava Pouch can help. So start your experience today and go to to see what all the celebrities are raving about with CBD.