With so many different CBD products available to choose from, it can be hard to find a product that not only works but is also healthy and continually effective. Dry-herb vaporizer CBD products are one of the most efficient and natural ways to be able to feel the full benefits of CBD. So, are you a good candidate for a dry herb vaporizer?

Who Is Interested In A Dry-Herb Vaporizer?

There are many different people who might be in the market for a dry herb vaporizer, so, which category do you fall into?

  • Brand New To CBD- Maybe you have never tried CBD before and this is the first product you have been introduced to. Although you might not know much about it, you have heard good things. 
  • Switching From Smoking To Vaporizer- One common way to consume CBD is by smoking it, but maybe you have done some research and realized that smoking can have negative effects on your health, and is not as efficient. Because of these reasons, you are deciding to give a dry-herb vaporizer a try. 
  • Breaking A Smoking Habit- Deciding to stop smoking cigarettes can be a tough decision, and it can also be a hard habit to break. However, many people tell you that the process is much easier when using a vaporizer. 
  • Switching From THC to CBD- Although some people have found some THC products to work for them, there are also some negative long term and short term effects from using them. Because of this, people have started to turn to CBD as a healthier option, with significantly fewer risks. 
  • Changing Up CBD Products- Maybe you have already been using CBD products but have yet to find the perfect one for you…maybe a dry-herb vaporizer is just what you need? 

Do you find yourself fitting in one of these categories? If not, no worries, a dry herb vaporizer may still be right for you!

What Does A Dry-Herb Vaporizer Do?

A dry herb vaporizer is a way to vape natural products without the negative effects of smoking them. A vaporizer heats the dry-herbs at a consistent temperature that is not too hot and won’t burn the herbs. The vaporizer does this to ensure that you, the consumer, inhales no smoke in the process, and only receives the beneficial ingredients from the CBD. This kind of vaporizer works to provide the user with a healthy experience when using CBD.

What About Another Product?

You might be thinking, “what makes a dry-herb vaporizer so special when there are so many other CBD products out there?”. From some of the most popular CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD lotions, and CBD coffee, to products that are growing in popularity such as CBD beauty products, CBD nail products, and CBD hair products, it can seem overwhelming when picking just one. However, each product is unique in its own way. Ranging from topical treatments to ingestible products, each of these CBD products work to provide therapeutic benefits. 

Benefits Of CBD 

Due to its natural and healing properties, CBD is rapidly growing in popularity and it is commonly used for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as easing depression. Additionally, CBD can be used for its ability to reduce pain and aches in joints and muscles, swelling, and redness in certain areas. From targeting specific areas to taking it orally for overall relief, CBD has helped many people as they are looking for a solution. Furthermore, as with any product, it is important to keep in mind that some products work better than others!

The Right CBD Product For You 

Maybe you have tried many of the CBD products listed above and none of them have worked, or at least they haven’t worked in the way you were hoping they would. While this may be the case, many people have seen positive results with dry-herb vaporizers! Not only will using a dry-herb vaporizer provide you with all of the therapeutic benefits of CBD, but it will also provide more overall relaxation, allowing you to experience the full effects of CBD. 

Different Dry-Herb Vaporizers

Not only are there different products on the market, but there are also different kinds of vaporizers. Dry-herb vaporizers for example utilize the CBD flower which allows for a more natural experience…but what other vaporizers are there?

Vape Pen

CBD vape pens are designed to use CBD in the form of oil. These require a CBD vape juice or oil that is designed to be vaped, unlike a regular topical CBD oil. CBD vape juice is very different from dry-herbs because it is much less natural. From the additives and the extra processes it must go through to become a vape juice, research has shown that vape juice can have a more negative effect on the lungs than using a dry herb vaporizer with natural flower. 

Heat vs Burn Concept 

As we mentioned earlier in what a dry-herb vaporizer does, it doesn’t burn the herbs, rather it only heats them. Now, you may be wondering, “but what does this mean?”. Although there are many different vaporizing companies, a lot of them design their vaporizers the same way so that they only heat up to a certain degree. This ensures that they never burn the product that is inside the device!

The typical temperature when vaping dry-herbs is around 340° to 360°. This is a good range because it allows for the herbs to be heated but not burned. Once the temperature reaches about 400°, it can begin to burn the dry-herb which is what we want to avoid. While many different devices allow you to set the temperature you want to set it at, most of them have a limit to ensure that you aren’t potentially putting yourself at risk for a bad experience. 

A Burning Cigarette 

To give you a better idea of the heat vs burn concept, a burning cigarette can get as hot as 900° at the tip. This extremely high temperature allows for dangerous chemicals to be burned, which leads to toxins being released. Cigarettes have been linked to many negative long-term health effects such as lung cancer, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, and more. This is due to the chemicals and harmful make-up of cigarettes from nicotine to tobacco, and much more, which is inhaled as it is burned. This is also why many dry-herb vaporizer companies ensure their products implement a heat not burn technique, so they are able to avoid any harmful side effects that come from burning.

From THC to CBD 

You might be interested in dry-herb vaporizers because you are looking to transition from using THC products, but you’re not too sold on the idea yet. Maybe you have even had a great experience with THC, cannabis, or whatever you’re using- so can CBD even compare? Although you may be hesitant, CBD could pleasantly surprise you! CBD products are free of THC or contain a very low percentage of it, so it will in no way get you high. Rather, it will provide you will all of the benefits without the negative side effects. Marijuana use has been shown to cause negative side effects such as hallucinations, nausea, vomiting, and even the prohibition of brain development. Without those negative effects, you will simply be receiving the therapeutic benefits. Additionally, you will be able to avoid the feeling of being slowed down or having delayed reactions, so you’ll essentially only feel the positives. 

Benefiting Your Health 

This dry-herb vaporizer method is not only convenient, but it is also one of the healthiest ways to consume CBD. Furthermore, it is not only a healthier alternative to smoking, but it also utilizes CBD in one of it’s most natural states to ensure that you are receiving only the benefits! From the level the product is heated to the all-natural flower being put in the chamber, dry-herb vaporizers have shown to be convenient, as well as the healthiest option when wanting to inhale CBD. 

Looking For A Discreet Option 

Many people gravitate towards this vaporizer product because of the ability to use it anywhere without it being seen. Many dry-herb vaporizers are pocket-size or even smaller, making them perfect for on the go use. Not only are they small enough to fit anywhere, but they have also been designed to eliminate odor. With features like this, you can use your dry-herb vaporizer discreetly, without having to worry. 

The Hassle Of A Dosage 

With almost all CBD products you run into the same problem, having to properly dose the amount of oil, gummies, herbs, or whatever product you should be taking. This can be difficult for those who are just starting out with CBD and have no idea what their dosage should be, as well as those who are switching products. Although dosing might be a challenge, with dry-herbs, the process is slightly easier. This is because you are inhaling the herbs, making the effects occur faster and longer, guaranteeing that you don’t have to use as much. This can help you avoid using too much, something many people do when they aren’t feeling the effects of the CBD right away.

Ingesting The Benefits

With a variety of CBD products floating around the market, it can be easy to simply pick a product in hopes that it works without really looking into it, or determining if it’s right for you. Dry-herb vaporizers have proven successful for a variety of reasons, but one of them being that they are an ingestible product. Ingestible CBD products allow the healthy ingredients to go into your system quickly as opposed to having to enter through your skin. After it has been inhaled, it then remains in your system for longer! Not only will this type of product allow for a quicker response, but it will also give you the full benefits. 

Looking To Elevate Your Daily Life

A dry-herb vaporizer won’t just provide you with the benefits of CBD, but it will also elevate your daily life. With the positive effects it may have internally radiated out externally, it’s impossible for this product to not elevate your day. In fact, providing an overall sense of relaxation is just the beginning of what this product might do for you! 

Should You Add This Device To Your Life?

Whether you have tried CBD products or not, you might be asking, is it worth it to try a dry-herb vaporizer? If you are looking to see a change in your life, whether that’s with stress and anxiety, sleeping habits, chronic pain and muscle aching, or just looking to add more relaxation to your life, then a dry-herb vaporizer may be for you. Not only will this provide therapeutic benefits, but it will also allow you to see other aspects of your life improve.

With possible reductions in anxiety and stress, more of your time can be devoted to other things such as making improvements in work and no longer focusing on worrying. Since you will also have more time on your hands, you might find a newfound motivation to get things done. Furthermore, with an improved sleeping schedule, you’ll be able to keep a boosted immunity, focus while at work, and possibly improve your mental health. Lastly, if you struggle with muscle and joint pain, aches, or even chronic pain, finding relief from it may be able to provide you with the ability to do some of the activities you thought you might not be able to get back to.  So, ultimately, which dry-herb vaporizer is right for you?

The Device To Make The Process Smooth 

Although a dry-herb vaporizer is an effective way to consume CBD, it isn’t always the easiest. From having to load the device with dry-herbs, to cleaning it out, it can become a hassle. A company like Nava Pouch ensures they use not only the most efficient product but also ones that have easy maintenance. Nava Pouch uses Fy-Hit dry-herb vaporizers to consume their CBD.  The Fy-Hit device while incorporating the heat not burn technology, also works to eliminate odor as well as ensuring zero combustion.

This device does more than just “doing its job”, it delivers the CBD in a way for you to enjoy every sip. Along with offering the Fy-Hit device, Nava Pouch also sells pre-measured and pre-packaged doses of all-natural dry-herbs. By pre-packaging their doses they make the process easier on their customers so you never have to figure out the dosing. They take pride in using all-natural CBD flower and only offering the best to their customers. So with a top of the life dry-herb vaporizer, and all-natural dry-herbs, check out. Nava Pouch for an experience that is sure to elevate your daily life.