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The NAVA Pouch contains pre-ground CBD rich hemp flower in a measured dose. Designed for use in portable inhalers, simple, clean and easy to use. Our mission is to provide a healthier, more convenient delivery method to inhaling natural herbs.

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What does Closer to the Plant mean?

The NAVA Pouch is minimally processed from whole plant to sealed pouch unlike oil which is highly processed with harmful chemicals. This ensures our pouches are as close to the natural plant as possible.

Natural. Clean. Active.

measured dose

Each NAVA Pouch™ contains a measured dose, making it easy to manage consumption.

eco friendly & easy

No grinding, no mess, or hassle. NAVA Pouch™ is made from natural materials, so it can be safely composted after use.

No waste

If you smoke flower, over 50% of your herb needlessly burns away. With NAVA Pouch™, there is no burning, so no wasted herb.

Reduced Toxins

No burning also means highly reduced toxicants and no smell or indiscreet smoke.

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“Natural herbs are a gift from nature that can support overall well being for the mind and body. When the mind and body are at their best, awesome things happen.”

Michael Mercer | Founder


NAVA is proud to contribute a portion of our proceeds to enhancing the lives of shelter & rescue animals through adoption, medical services, and community involvement.