Low self-esteem is something that a huge amount of people deal with at some point in their lives. Research indicates that CBD oil can help one stay away from triggers that create damaging, negative thoughts. Additionally, it can possibly even replace them with happier, healthier ones. If you want to know more about CBD and self-esteem, you’ve come to the right place!

Common Reasons For Low Self Esteem

First things first, it is crucial to recognize what can damage a human being’s self-esteem. There is an agreement among psychotherapists that a person’s childhood can have an unfathomable effect on their self-esteem. Emotional and physical abuse, sexual violence, and other kinds of childhood trauma can harm a child’s understanding of self-confidence and worth. This can then bring about anxiety disorders that last forever. Endless bullying on the playground or struggling in the classroom has this impact as well, although this is mainly for children enduring conditions such as ADHD or autism.

Although, numerous people coping with low self-esteem did not endure very bad childhood trauma. Instead, their struggles can be blamed on a more present-day and universal instance: social media.

The existing literature on social media indicates there is a huge amount of social comparison that occurs. When you glance at other people’s lives, especially on Instagram, it is easy to infer that everyone else’s life is better than yours.

The emergence and development of social media have evolved in a new society. This is a society in which people’s online profiles generate a sense of the perfect life. I mean, who hasn’t found themselves scrolling through their feed feeling discouraged and insecure?

Users post pictures that show the life they want other people to believe they have. They do not post about the bad days they are having, the health issues they are dealing with, or problems. Everything they post is embellished, positive, and effective at generating the belief that everyone else’s grass is endlessly greener than our own.

Naturally, when we begin to think that everyone else’s lives are better than our own, we automatically feel that we are at fault or not good enough. Also, negative self-talk like this can seriously destroy our self-esteem.

Can CBD Help People With Low Self Esteem?

The disheartening truth is that there is no definitive research to say that cannabidiol (CBD) helps to boost or preserve a healthy amount of self-esteem. Although, this does not automatically mean that CBD has no health advantages to provide. There are a handful of indirect ways in which CBD can help you clear your mind and move in the right direction.

CBD Can Lessen Anxiety

The single biggest explanation for CBD’s recent popularity is its capability to lessen anxiety without resulting in damaging side effects. Different from usual medications, it is 100% non-toxic and comes with zero risks of addiction. The best part is it will confuse your brain or make you feel like a zombie, as it has no mind-altering properties.

For a lot of people with low self-esteem, anxiety and depression are damaging issues. Even choices that may seem unimportant on the surface, such as what to wear to work, can make us go into a spiral of uncertainty and insecurity. One of the advantages of CBD is its capability to put an end to this vicious cycle before it begins. CBD gives people with low self-esteem a rest from the criticizing voices inside their minds.

As stated by researchers, CBD is a successful treatment for numerous symptoms of anxiety. In fact, one study revealed that it can even make stressful social situations such as public speaking feel less scary. Additionally, if you are feeling so anxious that your body is tense, other studies reveal that CBD has physical anti-anxiety effects that can help put you at ease.

CBD Can Encourage Better Sleep

Because cannabis has a reputation for its calming effects, a lot of people presume that CBD can be utilized as a kind of all-natural sleeping pill. While that is not entirely accurate, CBD does have a crucial effect on your sleep- just not in the way that you might believe.

The reason CBD helps you sleep better is not that it renders you unconscious at night, but rather because it makes you stay awake throughout the day. Our bodies have an inherent rhythm (called the sleep-wake cycle) that can be turned upside down when we feel anxious, which is the reason why some people stay up all night waiting for emails that never come, while others take accidental “stress naps” throughout the day when life becomes too much to manage. None of these are very healthy or useful, but CBD can help.

One key reminder: while CBD on its own is not a sedative, some oils can be a useful bedtime sleep aid. If that is what you are searching for, look for CBD oils that include myrcene- a terpene that is in charge of a lot of the sleep-inducing effects normally connected with cannabis.

CBD Can Prevent Acne

When you are a teenager, not many things are more frightening than looking in the mirror to see a huge red pimple on your face. As a lot of us have learned (much to our disappointment and annoyance) acne does not always go away as you get older. It may be the most common skin condition in the world, but that does not make it feel any less upsetting when it is your face that is coated in spots. 

That is the reason why CBD’s ability to deal with acne might be a crucial improvement for people with low self-esteem. Its anti-inflammatory properties mean that it can lessen the redness and visibility of pimples, and by controlling the skin’s creation of sebum (an oil that can be a main source of acne when the body generates too much) CBD can even help stop breakouts from occurring.

Having the perfect skin will not make you a better person, but it could make you a happier one. Like the saying (sort of) goes, life is more enjoyable when you are happy in the skin you are in.

As you can see, CBD has proven to be helpful to people in many different ways, especially people with low self-esteem. So what are you waiting for? Educate yourself on CBD and CBD products at www.navapouch.com!