Throughout the last decade or so, many people have begun using medical marijuana, or weed, for many different reasons. Whether it’s been simply wanting the high, feeling the calming effects, or relieving pain from illnesses, medical marijuana has become increasingly relevant! However, as CBD has entered the market, it has challenged those products that contain THC, especially because CBD practically provides the same benefits. So, what sets them apart? And more importantly, is one better than the other? 

What Is THC?

THC is found in the Cannabis plant and is only one of the few cannabinoids in the plant. THC is responsible for causing the “high” that individuals experience with marijuana, as it is the psychoactive part of the plant. With this high effect, THC can get a bad reputation in some places. However, for those that are familiar with it and understand how it works, they don’t necessarily see it as so negative. 

What Is CBD?

CBD comes from both the Hemp plant and the Cannabis plant, and it is used for its therapeutic properties. When CBD is extracted, it is done in a way that there is little or no THC, making it impossible to get high off of it. 

Extracting From The Plant 

  • CBD- The extraction of CBD can range depending on which plant it is coming from, as well as what it is being made into. The typical extraction process goes as followed: CBD is extracted from the plant and separated from the other cannabinoids. Once it has been successfully extracted, it is followed by oil infusion, which helps with harvesting. This is then followed by winterization and distillation, which ensure the purity of the CBD.
  • THC- THC is rarely used on its own as CBD is, as it tends to be used for marijuana. When THC is extracted, it can be made into a cannabis extract, which is very strong and gives you a high. 

Products Made After Extraction 

Once these key components have been identified and separated, they can be made into their desired products. While THC and CBD do have many differences, they are similar in terms of the types of products that they produce. Some examples of these products include:

  • Flower
  • Oil/ Tincture
  • Edibles/ Gummies
  • Concentrates
  • Topicals

CBD Products

CBD products come in a wide variety such as nail products, hair products, beauty products, CBD coffee, and more. With the growing popularity of CBD, many companies are producing products for the sole purpose of incorporating CBD in it. One example of these products are CBD flowers, which is one of the purest ways to consume it. This is typically done through a vaporizer which will heat the flower enough to release the healing properties. Another product, CBD oil, can be used as a topical treatment or taken orally, and is one of the more popular ways to use CBD. CBD gummies on the other hand are commonly used to help improve sleep and are a common household CBD product. Another example is CBD creams and lotions, which are topical treatments that can help target specific areas when necessary. Lastly, CBD facial products are used to help combat acne and reduce redness in the face. 

Cannabis and THC containing products

One of the most common ways to consume cannabis is through smoking flower. This option can be smoked in many different ways, such as through a bong, pipe, or rolling paper. Concentrates can also be used in a variety of different ways and are widely liked due to their high levels of cannabis terpene and cannabinoids. Edibles on the other hand are consumed through brownies, gummy worms, chocolates, lollipops, and much more. They are extremely convenient for anyone not wanting to smoke, but their effects take much longer to set in. Another form, tinctures, look similar to CBD oil and work when the product is placed under the tongue. The effects of this method are rapid. Lastly, topicals provide a targeted effect, similar to CBD products. Now, with so many products, how do you tell when they are or aren’t real?

A Trusted Product 

In order to have the best experience with any product you are trying, it is important that it comes from a trusted source. So, what are some of the best ways you can verify it is a legitimate CBD product? 

  • Check for third-party lab results- This is an extra step in the process, but many companies that are reputable are willing to do it to prove their products are pure and worth the money.
  • Check the website for ingredients or call and ask about them- Pure CBD products will never contain any extra additives or substances, and a reputable company will allow you to call them and ask about their ingredients and testing that has been done.
  • A decent price tag- CBD is not cheap to produce so when looking for products, checking the price tag for something that is reasonable is key. However, don’t be surprised when it’s not extremely low! If you find a CBD product that is extremely underpriced, it might not contain any CBD or harmful ingredients, so it’s best to steer clear. 

Fake CBD products are so harmful because they haven’t been tested and you don’t know what they contain. They could contain additives, substances, toxins, or harsh chemicals that could cause unknown side effects that could potentially harm you. 

Too Similar To Tell The Difference?

Edibles and CBD gummies are similar in more ways than you might think. Both of these products can take a while to set in once they have been consumed, but once they take effect, they can both improve sleeping habits, reduce nausea, and reduce anxiety. The biggest difference between the two however is the THC content. Ultimately, the edibles will cause a high while the CBD gummies will just cause a sense of relaxation. 

The Goal Of The Products

CBD Products

  • Topical Products- Topical CBD products are meant to target specific areas. When applied to a target area, they can be used to reduce inflammation, irritation, redness, or even pain and soreness in muscles and joints. Topical products set in slower and the effects aren’t as long, but they are still just as effective. Additionally, they may possibly reduce acne and redness in the face when used as facial products, and can add extra moisture. 
  • Ingestible Products- Ingestible CBD products are meant to have an instant or almost instant effect with the effects lingering for longer. They are used to provide relaxation and help reduce stress and anxiety, along with possibly easing depression. Additionally, these products may also reduce nausea.

Cannabis and THC Products 

  • Topical Products- Although Topical Cannabis Products contain THC, they will not get you high, just like CBD! These products are used for many of the same reasons as CBD products, such as helping to treat chronic pain or any joint and muscle pain. These topical products have proven to help a variety of conditions from headaches to tendonitis, and are widely enjoyed. 
  • Ingestible Products- Ingestible Cannabis Products are commonly used through smoking, edibles, and tinctures. So, what are the benefits of these? These products have been known at times to help alleviate anxiety and help with PTSD, similar to topical treatments which reduce chronic pain and help fight cancer. 

What Leads To A Negative Stigma?

So, if these products containing THC can provide these benefits, why do they have a negative stigma around them? Although there are some short term benefits (and maybe some that last a little longer), some research has shown that THC can have negative effects on the brain. THC can reduce or prohibit the development of adolescent and growing brains, as well as negatively impact lung health and normal function when smoked as Marijuana. So, are these some of the reasons the popularity of CBD is growing so rapidly? 

A Healthier Alternative

With the possible long-term effects that can be caused by cannabis and the THC within it, you might now be considering using CBD as opposed to cannabis. Or, maybe you don’t even use cannabis and are now more informed so you can decide between the two.

As we previously mentioned, CBD is a natural substance that comes from the hemp or cannabis plant and goes through an extraction process to ensure its purity. However, it doesn’t stop there! Many legitimate CBD companies get extensive third-party lab testing done so they are able to put a stamp of approval on their products. This allows their customers to be rest assured that they are buying quality tested products. 

Struggles Of Everyday Life 

The demands of everyday life can be different for everyone, but the majority of people have stressors that they are constantly struggling with. Whether it’s their demanding schedules, physically or mentally taxing job, family troubles, etc., stress exists in the lives of many. To be able to perform your best at work, in the classroom, or wherever you’re in, you need to be thinking clearly and to the best of your ability. Because marijuana contains THC, when using it, a psychoactive interacts with the brain and slows down thinking as well as response time.

Additionally, the way that marijuana affects the brain makes it harder to think clearly, and not to mention is illegal when driving. So, although there are some benefits, it might actually do more harm than good. With a hectic day and packed schedule, using marijuana that will slow you down and cloud your thinking could potentially waste away your day, making it unproductive. 

An Elevated Day 

With the stress of work and a demanding schedule, you can’t afford to be slowed down. That’s why CBD is here! CBD allows for your stress and anxiety to be reduced while still having the energy and motivation to get through the workday. CBD can work in a variety of ways, one of which being to help improve your sleep schedule, as well as other areas within your life. 

Living Past The High 

Cannabis products that contain THC are geared towards achieving a high, which comes at the peak of their performance. CBD however aims for a different feeling than THC. Living to achieve that high is a shorter experience that can only be felt for so long, but trying to achieve something else is far more rewarding. Using CBD allows you to feel and live every experience to its fullest, which is the opposite to other THC products. With as little stress and anxiety as possible and just relaxation, you are able to take in whatever is going around you and truly enjoy the experience. 

A Smooth Transition 

If you have been using cannabis products, you may be wanting to try CBD after hearing about the health and mental benefits it can have for you. Transitioning from cannabis to CBD products tends to be a smooth transition, as many of the products are similar, with the main difference being the high aspect. For example, with CBD, you may feel less anxiety and stress, as well as find more motivation to get things done. 

New To All Products

You may be completely new to all cannabis and CBD products, so this could be new information for you. Easing into CBD products is extremely important. Although you won’t overdose on it, it can cause some unwanted side effects if taken in too large of dosage such as dizziness, stomach pains, and drowsiness. So, as a new user of CBD, it’s important to ease yourself into it by seeing how you first respond to it, as well as which product works best for you. Once you see that you have had a positive experience with CBD, then you can begin to implement it more into your life and soon into your daily routine. Then, once CBD has become apart of your lifestyle, it has become normal for you!

A Normal Product 

Just like the everyday items and products that you use, CBD can become a part of that regime. Due to the fact that it is non-intoxicating, CBD is safe for everyday use to help alleviate stress, improve sleep, or ease chronic pain. Your CBD product has the potential to become apart of your normal daily life and help improve multiple different aspects of your life, so where should you start?

CBD is meant to help you live to the fullest, as well as fully enjoy the experiences you are in. With daily life stressors, anxiety, lack of sleep, chronic pain, and much more, it can be hard to always enjoy life the way it’s meant to be. CBD has the power to alleviate some of those feelings, and help you release and remember what it’s like to enjoy every little detail. With a company like Nava Pouch, they strive to not only give you this experience with their CBD products, but to provide it in the healthiest way possible.

Nava Pouch is a company that sells dry-herb vaporizers that are made with all-natural flower. They get third-party lab testing done on their products and ensure that they are only selling the purest flower. What sets Nava apart from their competitors is the way they package and sell their products. They pre-measure and pre-package their dry-herbs making the process easy on you, all you have to do is take a pouch and place it in the vaporizer. With a convenient and healthy way to explore the benefits of CBD, why not check out what it has to offer. So go to Nava Pouch and experience life beyond the high.