Life can get stressful. Whether you’re dealing with work, school, or just day to day stresses, we could all use a break. There are tons of methods to combat stress and restore equilibrium back in your body. Luckily, CBD is a natural way to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and alleviate pain. 

Why Choose CBD?  

CBD has been proven to provide many benefits for people dealing with stress related issues. The natural healing properties of CBD promote restful sleep, pain relief, and just overall great health benefits. 

How do I take it? 

CBD can be taken in a variety of ways. Each delivery method offers different benefits. This allows users to tailor CBD to their specific needs. 

5 Ways to take CBD

  1. CBD Oils
  • CBD oils are taken orally. The oil is an infused liquid that is taken through a measured dropper and placed underneath the tongue. CBD oils are great for promoting restful sleep and reducing anxiety and depression. 
  1. CBD Topicals
  • CBD topicals come in the form (but not limited to) creams, lotions,  gels, and roll-ons.  Once applied to the skin, the CBD will work in the concentrated area to relieve pain. Topicals are great for people with joint and muscle pains. It offers a warm sensation of relief. 
  1. Vaping and Smoking
  • Vaping and smoking is a fast way to feel the effects of CBD. This can be taken through vapes and smoking tools. This method is great for a quick stress reliever. 
  1. Edibles
  • CBD edibles come in the form of food. They’re mainly gummies, candies, and other small treats. They’re super easy to take and can be delicious. Edibles are slow-release and can provide long lasting relief. 
  1. Capsules and Pills 
  • Capsules and pills are another way to absorb CBD orally. They’re taken in measured doses. CBD capsules and pills are an odorless and tasteless way to take CBD. They’re great for pain relief and anxiety reduction. 
  • Similar to edibles, CBD capsules and pills are slow-release so it will take time to feel the effects. 

Now that we established 5 ways to take CBD, it’s time to look at the best stress reducing CBD products. 

Best Stress Reducer CBD Products 

  1. Oils 
  • FOCL Premium CBD drops is the perfect oil to quickly calm and relax your body. It’s vegan, thc-free, and cruelty free. This oil is to relax and recover from everyday stressors. It helps you calm your mind and fall asleep quicker. 
  1. Topicals
  • SheaBrand CBD Muscle, Joint, and Skin Balm will have your body feeling rested and relaxed. This butter balm is a mix of CBD, hemp, and essential oils that will provide relief to the applied area. Once your body starts feeling better, you’ll feel better. The stress will literally “melt” away.  
  1. Vaporizer
  • Traditional CBD vapes can be filled with chemicals and unknown products. NAVA Pouch is an all-natural, non-addictive dry-herb vaporizer that allows you to enjoy the full benefits of the hemp flower. NAVA Pouch contains no harmful toxins or smoke residue. Let NAVA Pouch bring you as close to the plant as possible. 
  1. Edibles 
  • Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies with Vitamin B12 & D3 is a 2 for 1 CBD gummy. Not only will they calm you, they provide vitamins B12(help keeps blood cells healthy) and D3 (immunity support and bone strength). Don’t let the name fool you, these gummies are great for any day of the week. 
  1. Capsules and Pills 
  • Sagely Naturals’ Calm & Centered Softgels is an awesome CBD capsule that promotes relaxation and “centered ease.” Not only will this reduce your stress, it will clear your mind and bring you back to focus. 

Although CBD is a natural way to reduce stress, there are still other methods. Not only do we encourage you to explore CBD options, we want to provide you with some non-CBD methods. 

Other ways to reduce stress 

  1. Exercise
  • Get those endorphins pumping! Exercise is a great stress reducer because physical activity helps brain production. You can take a walk, go on a run, or ride a bike. Anything that gets you moving can work as a stress reducer. 
  1. Try Yoga and Meditation 
  • Yoga and meditation is the ultimate relaxation technique. It focuses on the body,  mind, and breathing. Doing a few yoga poses and meditation practices will have you de-stressed in no time. 
  1. Listen to calming music 
  • Surprisingly, music can have a great effect on our emotions. Calm and slow tempo music can make our bodies relax and release tension from our muscles. Soft and classical music is a good stress reducing genre. 
  1. Take a break 
  • Taking a break from our present activities is a quick way to reduce stress. Sometimes walking away for 5 to 10 minutes is all we need. When working on something for long periods of time it’s important to take frequent breaks. 
  1. Try breathing exercises 
  • Focusing on deep breathing is an effective stress reducer. When we’re focused on our breathing, it slows the heart rate and sends a message to the brain to calm down. Taking deep and slow breaths can instantly relax your body. 


Stress is a natural part of life that we can work through. CBD is an awesome, all-natural product that can combat our daily life stressors. Whether you choose an oil, edible, vaporizer, topical, or capsule, they’re all effective in their own ways. When starting a CBD product, we recommend researching and starting at low dosages. Everyone’s body is different and CBD may have slightly different effects on you. If you’re hesitant about taking CBD products, there are other methods to deal with stress. Simple things like listening to music and taking a break can do wonders on your body and stress level. It’s all about finding what works for you. We wish you well on your stress-reducing journey.