What do you think of when you hear the word CBD? If you ask that question to 10 different people, odds are you will probably get different answers. The word CBD has a stigma around it and contains many misconceptions, causing people to be hesitant to try it. We are going to look into some of the top reasons why CBD isn’t something you should just try, but also start incorporating it into your routine. 

Why Most People Try It

Although the benefits of CBD seem to be endless, what is it that tends to be the main reason people try CBD? This natural product has proven to provide countless therapeutic benefits for people of all ages and for all different reasons. CBD comes in the form of many different products so its usage can target all of your needs.

The main therapeutic benefits that CBD aims to target include reducing anxiety as well as minimizing stress. CBD may also help ease depression. Along with the aide in easing anxiety, CBD may also help reduce pain or soreness in muscles and joints, as well as possibly reducing swelling and redness.

With all of these therapeutic benefits CBD has to offer, and with it being so many, what more could you ask for? Although these are typically some of these reasons people try CBD or use it on a regular basis, there are many other benefits that will make you throw stigmas out the window and give CBD the chance it deserves. 

Why So Negative?

Why is it that when people hear the word CBD they associate it with weed or getting high? Most people tend to do this because they haven’t learned about the difference between the two, and what it is that makes CBD only therapeutically and not used to cause people to get high. CBD is a cannabidiol that comes from the hemp plant, because it comes from a plant this makes it natural.

The plant then goes through a process to separate the CBD from it to allow the product to be pure CBD. This means there are no other cannabidiols in it, including THC. THC is the psychoactive part of the plant and is responsible for causing the high. Without this, CBD is used purely for the therapeutic benefits it can cause as well as the other benefits. So what else can CBD do, if it’s not only meant for its therapeutic properties?

Motivation To Try New Things 

Trying new things or even stepping outside of your comfort zone can be intimidating, sometimes it can also be hard to find the motivation to do it. So, where does CBD come into play? CBD has an incredible ability to possibly reduce stress and anxiety. It does this by working with serotonin receptors in your brain, when it does this it’s helping to level out mood and the reward center. Overall, when you have less stress or anxiety in your life, you feel more motivated to do things or try new things because you aren’t spending time worrying about other things going on. 

Restful Night 

A consistent sleep schedule is key to staying healthy as well as being able to perform daily tasks. Without good sleep, it’s easy to feel sluggish, behind, and overall moving at a slower pace. Continually getting bad sleep can affect your work, as well as your relationship, so is there a solution? CBD may be able to help. With its relaxing properties, a CBD product might be just what you need to unwind after a long stressful day. Studies have shown that CBD can help to ensure that you also stay asleep. 

Advances In The Medical Field 

CBD has not only proved to be useful for everyday and occasional use, but it has also proven to be helpful to doctors and patients. As more and more research has been done on CBD, doctors have begun using it for their patients and are seeing promising results. For patients that are undergoing chemotherapy, CBD has helped immensely by reducing nausea. Where doctors are seeing the most success is with patients suffering from severe epilepsy, they have seen a decrease in the number of seizures and are only seeing more positive cases. CBD has proven to be a breakthrough in the medical world and is providing relief for patients suffering from all different diseases. 

Works For You and Your Pooch 

For all of the benefits CBD can provide for you, what about your pet? If you’re going to try something new, why not have them try it with you? CBD has been able to benefits animals in similar ways, and a few more. CBD for pets is meant to eliminate anxiety and even help older pets with pain or any arthritis they might be experiencing. So what’s the draw to CBD for pets as opposed to regular medication? This way of treatment allows for a completely natural product and it also may target more than one thing at a time, whereas medicine is typically designed for only treating one thing.

Learning How To Cope 

Unfortunately, things happen in life that can make it very challenging, and at times hard to cope with difficult situations. Although these situations grow us as people and we never want to numb the feeling, it can be helpful to have something that can make you feel just a little better and more hopeful. CBD won’t take away any feelings, but it may help with reducing high levels of anxiety or may help with easing depressing. CBD may be able to help you begin a journey back to feeling like yourself again for many different reasons. 

At-Home Facials 

As we mentioned earlier CBD can be used to help with redness, as well as swelling. So when CBD facial products are used such as CBD creams or CBD serums or moisturizers, they not only help with redness but CBD has also been known to reduce acne. With the variety of benefits and reasons, CBD can have for your face it’s almost like giving yourself a facial at home because you will most likely begin to see results that you normally don’t see from using your regular products. 

Limiting Regular Headaches 

Headaches are a common pain that plague almost everyone whether they are frequent for you or not we all tend to treat them in different ways. But when one tends to persist, we typically take some sort of medication for it to help alleviate the annoying pain it is causing. If you experience headaches often you know that it’s important not to take pain relievers too often for headaches, so why not try something natural? CBD has proven to not only help with headaches but also with migraines. Not only does CBD help treat the migraines and headaches but with continued research, it has also proven to decrease the frequency of them. With its ability to reduce these symptoms, CBD has proven and provides many reasons to be a natural product that can provide drastic relief. 

Working Towards A Goal 

Although CBD contains many therapeutic benefits, it also can contain some benefits that may help you reach your goals. For many people trying to lose weight, it can often be a challenge, so why not have a little help? CBD is healthy and natural but still may be an effective way of helping you on your journey towards a healthier life. As we talked about earlier CBD can help with motivation, which may be able to help you pursue your goal, but how else does CBD target weight loss? Researchers have found that CBD may interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors and it might also boost metabolism. CBD isn’t a weight loss program but it might help you on your journey towards your end goal. Those seem like pretty good reasons to try out CBD!

Breaking Habits

For many people, quitting smoking is a hard habit to break, not only quitting smoking but also breaking any addiction to drugs is a daunting and what may seem like a nearly impossible task. Going cold turkey can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms depending on the drug. It’s always important to consult first with a doctor as well as a sponsor in any circumstance, but CBD may help reduce withdrawal symptoms and even fight against the severe forms of anxiety after quitting the drug or smoking. CBD may help by providing relaxation and a level of comfort that normally would be a very uncomfortable experience.  

External Healing Properties 

CBD not only works to provide healing throughout the body internally but also externally. The different properties in CBD help reduce scarring as well as healing some wounds. The way that CBD interacts with the skin allows for smooth healing and in some cases allows for no scars to form at all. This can provide you with a natural remedy for scars as well as one that can help benefit you in many other ways. 

The List Could Go On…

Although CBD is typically used for its main therapeutic properties, it can be helpful in many more ways if used in certain products. The list and reasons of how CBD can benefit you could go on and on, so these are just some of these key points that highlight what it can do for you besides what you already might know. The negative stigma that surrounds CBD is so important to address because once you begin to discover all it has to offer, you’re able to use it to it’s fullest potential. Typically, many people misunderstand CBD and automatically put a label on it and associate it with a certain “culture”, that is a negative one, but with its rise in popularity more and more people are learning of the distinct difference between CBD and weed.

An Experience You’ll Never Forget 

With so many possible benefits and reasons, why not try CBD out and see what it can do for you? As we have mentioned, there are countless CBD products on the market right now so how can you pick the one that’s right for you that will provide you with the benefits you’re looking to get out of it? CBD products can range from topical treatments to ingestible products, as well as varying in dosage, and what they target to benefit. 


This common form of CBD is used as a topical treatment to help with inflammation, pain, soreness, and may also improve the healing process and reduce scarring. When taken as an ingestible this may help reduce anxiety, as well as ease stress. 

CBD Inhaler

This method is purely ingestible, allowing the product to enter your system faster. Inhalers are meant to provide relaxation and may help minimize anxiety and stress. This method of CBD can be used with a dry-herb inhaler that uses all-natural hemp flower, or the inhaler can contain CBD vape juice.

CBD Gummies

These gummies are used to also provide relaxation and may reduce stress but they can also aid in improving sleep as well as reducing nausea. CBD gummies are different than cannabis edibles in that they provide a relaxing effect but they won’t get you high.

CBD Cream

It can come in two different forms, CBD facial products or CBD lotion. CBD lotion works as a topical treatment to reduce any pain or soreness in muscles and joints. This lotion also may reduce swelling and help cause relaxation. CBD facial products can be used for a variety of reasons but they may particularly help reduce acne as well as reduce any swelling or redness. 

So after looking at some of the top CBD products, where do the extra benefits come from, what products, and how do you ensure that you get them? There is no way to ensure that you can receive every benefit from CBD, but using the right product can help with results. The “extra” benefits just simply come from the CBD and how it reacts with your body, and what you are wanting it to target. If you don’t find that you’re a high-stress person then odds are you won’t notice CBD working for you in that way because you didn’t struggle with stress or anxiety before you began using it. 

First Impression, Best Impression

After learning more about CBD and what it is and debunking the misconceptions, have you finally decided to give it a try? Trying something like CBD for the first time is exciting and you might even have high hopes as to what it can do for you. So, if you’re going to try it out, you want to get the best product you can that will provide you with the most benefits. But, don’t compromise benefits for health, you still want to choose the healthiest option.

So where does that leave you and how many options does that leave you with? Typically, ingestible CBD products allow you to have the most benefits with the fastest impact. So what ingestible products are the most popular? CBD oil and CBD inhalers are among the most efficient products for allowing you to feel the full effects of CBD for the longest period of time, but they very in a few ways. 

CBD Oil vs CBD Inhaler

Although CBD oil and CBD inhalers are both ingestible, they can be very different. First, CBD inhalers can be used either with CBD vape juice or with an all-natural hemp flower. The option to use CBD vape juice is known for having a more negative impact on the lungs and the all-natural flower is healthy.

CBD oil can become tricky to use as it is hard to determine the right amount of oil you should be taking as well as it can sometimes cause unwanted side effects. So between all of the ingestible CBD products on the market, the CBD inhaler that uses dry-herbs seems to be not only the most beneficial product in terms of providing you with the most therapeutic properties, but it is also the safest and healthiest option. 

A Certified Option

Now you know the reasons to try CBD, but where do you start? When choosing any CBD product it’s important to ensure you are buying it from a producer that is only selling pure CBD. A good way to tell this is by searching the website for verification that their product is pure CBD.

After we have talked about all the different CBD products and options available, although it seems like a CBD dry-herb inhaler is the healthiest and most effective option, where do you start looking for one? We’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a company that not only ensures the integrity of their product but also makes it easy and accessible, look no further than Nava Pouch.

Nava Pouch sells dry-herb inhalers that are unlike any other. They only use the hemp all-natural flower, and to make the process easier for you they pre-measure and package all dosages of the herb so you can simply enjoy the experience. Nava Pouch also comes with an option when picking your dry-herb pouches, you can pick between an unwind pack to relax after a stressful day or the uplift pack that allows you to prepare for the day ahead.

This versatility allows you to experience the full benefits of CBD in one of the healthiest ways. So throw out any preconceived notions of CBD and experience the uplifting and relaxing benefits of CBD at https://www.navapouch.com