Haven’t you ever wondered how it all started? No, not the universe – that CBD product that you just bought. The process to become that amazing product has to start somewhere. Today we are going on a journey down the CBD timeline and the CBD experience.

Oils, edibles, dry herbs, tinctures, and much more. These are just some of the many things that are made using the medicinal elements of cannabis. We all love the product, but how’d it get here? There are a lot of steps that go into how you experience your CBD. Just like the hemp plants themselves, we are going to start with the seeds. 

How To Be CBD

The Seeds

The seeds are the starting place for any hemp operation. The seed determines the genetics of the plant. In the hemp industry, plants that are high in CBD and very low in THC are the most desirable. This step in the process is arguably the most important and is critical for the outcome. Legally speaking, the hemp must be under 0.3 percent THC to be considered a federally legal agricultural product. 

Hemp farmers these days have to be very particular when it comes to their plant genetics. The market is more competitive than ever. This means that seed genetics are being strengthened daily. Farmers have to keep engineering their seed to create the best hemp for the production of CBD. Let’s take a look at last year’s winner of the 2020 Hemp Cup by High Times.

Made by Gold Standard CBD, the strain is called “Hawaiian Haze”. It has a CBD percentage of 19.72, it complies with the 2018 Farm Bill by having less than 0.3 percent THC. To make great CBD products you need great hemp, to get good hemp you need the right seed. This is why the whole process depends on the seeds you choose to plant. 

Well, surely it can’t be as easy as just picking the right seed? That would be correct. There are still some important steps ahead. Let’s all take a moment to dig in our roots because it’s time to grow.

The Growth 

Well a seed and a hemp plant are two very different things. The step between them is no laughing matter. A lot can change between the planting of a seed and the full growth of a hemp plant. This stage of the process is where most all the battles with mother nature occur. Let’s make a list of some of the dangers a hemp plant faces in the growing stage.

Step 1:Disease.

Hemp plants are a living thing just like you and me. That means they are susceptible to disease. Just like us in the pandemic, farmers try to protect their crops from disease with various means. From fertilizers to optimized airflow and plant spacing, farmers are always fighting nature to make sure their crop is perfect. 

Step 2:Insects.

These little foes have battled with hemp farmers since the dawn of time. A handful of insects in an outdoor crop is inevitable. However, some of these insects can multiple at alarming rates and absolutely decimate an entire crop yield. Some of these insects can even affect the yield of seeds, which could ruin the harvests in the future as well. Some of these insects include: Aphids, Budworms, Fungus Gnats, Crickets, Weevils, etc… 

Step 3:The Elements.

When it comes to any large scale outdoor grow, the crop is at the mercy of its environment. Nature is often unpredictable and crops don’t necessarily like that. Hemp plants that are in the wild have evolved to deal with things like flash frost or drought. However, the plants used in large-scale grow operations are genetically selected to produce the best CBD and not be resilient in the face of weather. For this reason, the elements can be disastrous to a hemp harvest. 

Growing isn’t all bad though, there is a great amount of effort put into the success of a crop. Things like fertilizer have been developed to give the hemp plants the exact nutrients that they need. Fertilizers contain important nutrients for the plants that allow them to grow strong and fast, to best suit production time. Like most crops, hemp is much the same in that it requires a 2 to1 nitrogen to phosphorus ratio. 

The Harvest

Now comes the fun part we’ve all been waiting for. The harvest is the time when the farmer really sees the fruits of their labor. The cards are on the table and it’s the culmination of all the work it took thus far. When the plants cut down, it’s time for a quality check. 

The first check the hemp will see is the THC test. The hemp is sent off to the USDA where it is tested by the Hemp Production Program to make sure the levels of delta-9 THC are lower than 0.3 percent. The next test it will see is to check the levels of CBD and CBG. This test will determine the potency and quality of the hemp so that the products they are turned into can be correctly labeled. 

Once the hemp is tested and ready, the raw flower can be used in many different ways. Depending on the company that receives the flower, the hemp can be turned into a myriad of CBD products. Here is a list of some of the more common products.

1)CBD oil.

This product is one of the most common products you will see on shelves when it comes to commercial CBD. Oil is so common because of its potency and efficiency. Typically oils have a higher concentration of beneficial CBD and CBG, so they can be used to easily ingest your medicine. CBD oil is a fantastic product because of its ability to be incorporated into almost anything. You can make infused salad dressings, butters, cooking oils, the list goes on.

2)Vaping Cartridges/ Pouches.

The explosion of vaping as a consumption method really started taking off around 2012. The country was fascinated by the thick white clouds flowing out of people’s mouths. What they missed in their fascination was the development of vaping technology that benefited CBD users greatly. Companies like NAVA Pouch have been supplying consumers with great vaping products like their pouches, and giving people the convenience of consuming their CBD on demand. The portability of vaping products allows CBD to travel like never before. 


These are one of the mass’s favorites, but what’s not to love? Whether it is in the form of a CBD-infused smoothie or some delicious gummy bears, edible CBD is the most casual way to enjoy your CBD. There is no bottle and dropper, there is no vaporizing device. It is just you and your food, what isn’t great about that?

4)The Enjoyment 

This last step is the most important by far, it’s how you use and enjoy your CBD! As we mentioned earlier there are tons of ways to enjoy your CBD. There shouldn’t be an issue finding a product that is right for you. From topical creams to high potency oils, there is no wrong way to enjoy. 

If you are looking for a new product for your CBD needs, try NAVA Pouch. They have a selection of CBD vaping pouches that can deliver uplifting and unwinding sensations. They offer a sleek-looking dry herb vaporizer on their website that will allow you to enjoy their pouches on the go. 


The life cycle of hemp is a great process to be a part of. Whether you are the farmer harvesting the quality hemp, or the consumer taking their CBD gummy before bed, the CBD experience is an amazing thing. Hemp is a great plant and the people that surround it are even greater. We learned a lot about what goes into the products you love, but in case we have forgotten the timeline let’s take it from the top.  

  • The Seed. Responsible for the quality and genetics of the plant. This is where a lengthy amount of consideration is spent on the farmer’s end to determine what is best for the customers.
  • The Growth. It only makes sense that if you want to make your destination you would invest in your journey. The growth of a hemp plant is a careful and nurturing process. It is well worth it when great hemp can be delivered to the customer. 
  • The Harvest. This is the big moment. The plants are being cut and that product is being tested. The hemp is all grown up, it’s leaving for college and finding out what it is.
  • The Enjoyment. Undeniably the most important step. It’s all about you now. Finding how you want your CBD and using make makes you the most comfortable. There is no wrong answer unless you say that there is no product out there for you.

For more insight on the CBD experience and how CBD can affect your life, and help you start seeing the changes you want in your every day, go to NAVA Pouch and see what they have for you.