The vaporizer world is always growing concerning technology and kinds of products offered for dry herb and concentrate consumers. With a better idea of how vaporizers are affecting the world, let’s learn more about how to buy one!

Vaporizing On A Budget

Understanding your budget and what you’re willing to spend allows you to know exactly what to be looking for. It’s important to read every product description to ensure you are buying a vaporizer that fits your budget and lets you enjoy it.

Concerning the price range, vape pens and portable vapes are probably the most inexpensive vaporizing devices you can purchase. Specifically, they are as cheap as $19.99. These devices are made for vaping on-the-go and are most likely heated through conduction.

An Elite Vaporizing Experience

The “middle range” of vaporizers has a wide variety, products ranging from around $75-$200. This is where you will begin to notice temperature control and convection-style heating. Elite vape pens and portable units will probably be in this price range. Along with this, desktop vaporizing units are now on the market in this price range.

Anything over $200 is technically an “elite” vapor. High-quality builds, modern capability, and even warranties are available at this price range. Keep in mind that vaporizers over $200 typically target customers who have experience. This is because they can provide more thorough ways to experience materials. 

Be Aware Of Your Needs

If you are an on-the-go concentrate or dry herb user, a portable unit should be the vaporizer for you. Homebodies on the other hand should choose e-nails or a desktop unit. Taking into consideration how you live and your consumption needs will go a long way. Especially when it comes to finding the perfect vape.

Vape users just starting should set their sights on inexpensive, less complex models so as not to overwhelm themselves. Being able to use a device straight out of the box is an excellent way to get familiar with vaping. Additionally, it can help you know what you need, should you wish to upgrade your vaporizer in the future.

Vaporizer Efficiency

Vaporizers have made a very good name for themselves when it comes to efficiency. However, it is important to note that this efficiency can depend on consumption frequency.

Some vaporizers are more efficient than others. Most vapors are at their peak in efficiency when the vapor temperature is low and the load is small. This makes the taste better and allows for you to have smoother, flavorful vapor. Users who are changing from combustion usually want a thicker vapor that is available only at a higher temperature. The flaw with this however is that the stronger the vapor, the quicker the consumption.


Since vaporizing can at times lead to judgment, some users have to be conscious of their use and be discreet. Small portable vaporizers can be pocket size. While some have a specific design to look like other things so they do not attract attention. Other vaporizers have designs that allow them to blend into certain decorations, and can even be beautiful works of art. If keeping your vaporizer on the down-low is your number one concern, think about if it’s convenient to store.

Type Of Vaporizer

There are two types of vaporizers: desktop units and portable units. Understanding your needs will help you pick out which type of device to buy. It is important to know that there is no “best” type of vaporizer to select.

Desktop units can filter out irritants and give 100% temperature control. This makes them popular among users who have to use them for medicinal reasons. This type of vaporizer will be the most costly when you are shopping around. This option provides more modern heating styles and more power. Convection heating rules the desktop vaporizer market. Convection heating is when your material is separate from the heating element, and hot air is looming over your material. This heating lets the flavor of your dry herb or concentrate be more enjoyable.  If you are looking to fit the custom of consuming dry herb, a desktop device might be for you.

The Specific Luxuries With A Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers on their own are very powerful and allow more control of temperature and your experience. The bigger batteries of portable vaporizers let them have modern heating systems and precision temperature control. A few portable vaporizers feature conduction heating, but most will control the power of convection to give you more flavor. Some units make use of a combination heating system. This is where a conduction chamber allows the device to heat up quickly. But hot air is still moving through to make sure there is even vaporization.

Temperature control is great with portable vaporizers. This allows you to get your ideal temperature. And the flexibility to switch to a different temperature so each experience is unique. If your device does not have precision control, it will be provided with easy-to-read selected temperatures.

Learning Curve

Getting the most out of your vaporizers means that you need to learn the right method. For instance, a lot of whips (the word used for small diameter tubing, normally silicone or PVC) or tube delivery systems are based on the correct draw speed. On the flip side of that, vaporizers have absolutely no restrictions. Even though the learning process can be tedious at first, the results tend to make it worth it. Although, if you consider yourself to be impatient, look for a device that is ready for use immediately.

Materials And Vapor Path

Vaporizer users should research the materials used in construction, and especially what is in the vapor pathway. High-quality manufacturers normally say which materials are essential for their products. But, many inexpensive vaporizers (generally sold on eBay and not by dealers such as do not state any materials. Look for words such as “medical grade” when searching for vaporizers that feature ceramic heating elements or chambers. Be looking for “aerospace aluminum” when trying to find a grinder or metal pipe.

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