It’s that time of year- the holidays are rolling around and gift guides seem to be all the rage as people scramble for last minute gifts. For some, giving the perfect gift is almost a natural ability, for others however, they may struggle and even get stressed over the perfect gift. Not only are we going to explore the idea of why CBD can be a Christmas gift, but why it’s the perfect gift to give anyone in your life this year!

What Do You Look For In A Gift? 

When you typically go shopping for a gift, what do you looking for? This question is pretty broad, as the gifts could have a wide range. Typically, it’s important that the gift is something that will get good use, and not get put back in the box and never used. That’s where we come in! A CBD product is something that can benefit anyone year-round. Whether they are experiencing extra stress from the holidays, or needing to unwind after a long day at work, CBD is the gift that keeps on giving. Many people would say something that the perfect gift is safe but still enjoyable. One of the many advantages of gifting CBD is the fact it is natural- meaning there are little to hardly any extra additives when it’s produced into a final product. This allows you to feel rest assured knowing that you not only gave a gift that is enjoyable, but also safe. 

What’s In The Box?

So, thinking about giving CBD as a gift but worried they might not know anything about it? No worries. In fact, a lot of people are still learning and understanding CBD and its unique properties. CBD is special because it has been extracted from the hemp plant. The hemp plant is used specifically for the products and corresponding beneficial properties that can be produced from it.

CBD has an extensive amount of therapeutic properties that are still being discovered because they are so diverse. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, must be carefully extracted and go through an extensive process to be considered pure CBD. This process can differ depending on the product that is ultimately being produced, but it typically follows the pattern of extraction, winterization, decarbonization, and distillation and isolate.

Struggling From The Holiday Blues?

Seasonal depression as well as the holiday blues are very real phenomenons. For some people, the holidays are the best times of the year. For others on the other hand, the holidays are a time of struggle. Maybe you even have a friend or family member who has struggled or is struggling with seasonal depression and everyday anxiety. So, you may be wondering, “Where does CBD come in”? CBD can help provide a sense of relaxation and may reduce excessive stress or anxiety. It may also help ease depression, improve sleeping habits, and improve motivation and drive. Although these aren’t nearly all of CBD’s benefits, they are the ones that will specifically target those holiday blues.

Right Place At The Right Time 

How is it that CBD works in a way to alleviate the negative emotions and feelings from anxiety and depression? Additionally, with CBD being such a natural product, how does it work in such a drastic way? CBD works through the body by reacting with different receptors and neurons in the brain that deal with corresponding receptors that affect mood and anxiety levels.

CBD works most commonly with the serotonin and dopamine receptors in the brain. These receptors are responsible for motivation, pleasure, anxiety, mood, sleep, and much more. Once CBD and these receptors have interacted, it allows for the therapeutic properties of CBD to be at their best.

Additionally, CBD helps level out any unbalanced serotonin levels, which in turn may help improve sleep and overall mood. When CBD interacts with the receptors in this way, it allows for the full benefits of the product to be experienced. 

Holiday Stressors

So, what is it that makes CBD the perfect Christmas gift this year? You may struggle to find a present every year that fits the exact needs of what your friend, family member, or partner could use. Holidays are a stressful time for everyone, and stress happens to be one of the many benefits of CBD! With the endless lines at the mall along with the sold-out indicators on websites, it can be tricky locating gifts, especially last minute. Since there is such a wide array of CBD products, you rarely have to worry about a shortage of the products. However, one thing to keep in mind is that with CBD becoming so popular, many companies and people are selling fake CBD. This can make it difficult to tell which products are real and which ones aren’t, but that’s why we’re here! 

A High-End Gift 

When it comes to determining how much you want to spend on a Christmas gift, you might have a set budget in mind. Luckily, most CBD products are affordably priced and won’t break the bank. Although, it is important to be weary of overly cheap or “on-sale” CBD products, as these may be a sign of false advertising.

One good way to determine if the website or company you are purchasing from is legitimate is to first research it and read reviews. Another smart thing to look at is whether or not the company is claiming to be producing only pure CBD. This is important so that you can ensure you are buying only all-natural products, as some fake products contain toxins, chemicals, and even synthetics.

These are harmful in ways that researchers haven’t fully discovered, but they can cause unwanted side effects. When purchasing a Christmas present, you want to ensure you’re buying the best and safest product for your loved one. So, without further ado, here’s a guide for what to look for when looking: 

  1. The amount of CBD in the product 
  2. How to product was made and the process used 
  3. Where was the product produced

These are just a few things that can help you determine if the product you’re buying is as natural as they say.

A Personalized Package 

The season of giving is often meant to be about personalizing gifts and crafting them for that specific person. This can often be tricky because by Christmas, you may have already celebrated other holidays or birthdays and used up your ideas, but you still want to give a gift that will have sentimental value. So, how does giving CBD show sentimental value? With the countless therapeutic benefits, CBD shows that you are thinking of your loved one, regardless of who they are. Gifting CBD also shows that you care about their mental and physical health and want to give them the gift of relaxation, as well as reduce their stress, anxiety, or depression.

A Variety Of Options 

Just like shopping for a sweater or any gift, some of the joy comes from hand picking each gift. CBD products are fun to shop for, and can be customizable with all of the options! Although all products have the same purpose of providing therapeutic benefits, they do so in different ways. For example, some of the top CBD products that would make a perfect gift include a CBD inhaler, CBD oil, CBD lotion, or CBD cream. All of these products work to reduce stress and anxiety as well as depression, making them the perfect gift for anyone!


The first type of CBD products that we’re going to discuss are ingestible, such as a CBD inhaler and CBD oil. These ingestible products are preferred by some, as they allow the effects of CBD to last longer. So, what is it that differentiates between a CBD inhaler and CBD oil? Mostly the fact that CBD oil can be used as a topical treatment or ingested!

In both contexts, CBD oil reduces anxiety and stress. When used as a topical treatment however, it may also help eliminate swelling and redness, and reduce pain and aches in your muscles and joints. CBD inhalers on the other hand can be used with CBD vape juice, or with dry-herbs.

Although both of these products work to alleviate stress and provide a sense of overall relaxation, their biggest differentiator is in the ingredients and health effects. CBD vape juice has to be processed with more additives in order to create the juice that is ultimately sold. Although it is still using pure CBD, it has proven to have a possible negative effect on the lungs. On the contrary, dry-herb inhalers provide the same benefits but with a much more natural path, as they are the all-natural flower that is being inhaled. 

Working Above The Skin 

The second type of CBD product we’re going to touch on are topical products. These most commonly come in the form of CBD lotions and CBD creams. Topical treatments target more of the healing properties of CBD such as reducing swelling, redness, and assisting with eliminating pain in muscles and joints. CBD lotions can also be used for chronic pain by targeting specific regions in constant pain. CBD creams are often also facial products that help minimize redness as well as acne. 

Adding One To Your Cart

Now that you have a better understanding of what different CBD products do and what specific ones target, it’s time for you to decide which product would be the perfect Christmas gift. Do your special someone need a pick me up? A break from the stress and anxiety in their life? An overall sense of relaxation? Or would they benefit from a product that helps minimize chronic pain?

If you’re not sure which product would be the best Christmas gift for them, then an ingestible CBD product might be your best option. This is because these products help to provide a wide variety of therapeutic properties, as well as provide motivation. So, if your friend, family member, or partner is experiencing the holiday blues this year and could benefit from some relaxation and added motivation, then an ingestible CBD product is the way to go. Specifically, a dry-herb inhaler is one of the healthiest options!

Only The Best For The Ones You Care About 

If you decide on an ingestible CBD product as a Christmas gift, you will want to get a product that provides the most benefits and is the healthiest option. Although pure CBD is all-natural, more ingredients are typically added as it is processed into the final product, making it not so “pure”. This makes a dry-herb CBD inhaler your best bet, as it offers therapeutic properties in one of the healthiest ways. 

Breaking Any Preconceived Notions 

So, they open your CBD gift on Christmas and are a bit confused as to why you got them “weed”. Although they might know what CBD is, it’s also very possible that they might not or have a negative pre-conceived idea of what it is. If they aren’t sure what CBD is, then you have the perfect opportunity to explain what you got them! This will give you a chance to ensure them that they won’t be getting high from their CBD product, as well as describe all of the therapeutic benefits that they may experience. Hopefully, if before they were unsure about their new CBD product, they are now excited to not only try it but also see the positive effects of it. Lastly, when describing the benefits of CBD, it is also important to mention the health benefits that dry-herb inhalers can have. This can help give them a better understanding of the product!

Put A Bow On It

Shopping for the exact CBD product that you are going to get someone might seem intimidating, especially since you’ll be skeptical of purchasing any products that contain fake CBD or chemicals. Along with this, you are giving it as a gift, so you want it to be something they will get use out of, as well as something that’s enjoyable. Additionally, you want it to be safe to use for them. When looking for a company and product that provides all of these things, it can be difficult to determine which ones provide you with everything you’re looking for from a health standpoint to all the benefits. A company that goes above and beyond in each of these categories and more is Nava Pouch.

Nava Pouch sells dry-herb inhalers that are made with all-natural flower straight from the hemp plant. Their CBD goes through a long tedious process before they consider it pure to ensure, before it gets to their customers it’s in its purest form. Nava Pouch embodies their name by pre-measuring doses of the dry-herb and packaging it into a pouch to make so maintenance of the inhaler is easier especially for customers new to CBD. They also provide two different pouch option, the uplift or unwind pouch.

So depending on what you’re looking to get either a present that will allow them to unwind after a hectic day or a present that will help them get ready for a day on the go, Nava can help. This allows you to personalize their gift and make it perfect for their lifestyle and their needs. So go to and find the perfect CBD Christmas gift for anyone in your life.